why is James a depressed… because he’s a bitch.

Did you know that there is a new drug on the market for lesbians who are suffering from depression? Its called Trycoxagain.

Your mommas so depressed she shot herself in the head hoping she’d die

Life is like a box of chocolate, it doesn’t last long if you’re fat

The doctor asking why Ive broken 19 bones in the past week

My abusive mum- Go on, tell him!

well what am i gonna do now…

What do you call sad coffee…deppereso!

Why does Aaron always look depressed? Because his grandmas dead

What’s an Emo’s favourite drink?

Water, JK it’s cyanide

knock knock whos there your mom fuck you you rwind my life

You know how we all have different side well I have a sucicidel side (here a bang in the next room) oh well not any more :)

Hi how are you busy busy today and tomorrow I have to go home from home and walk home walk and a bike walk walk and a bike to school tomorrow night I have to have lunch with my mom and dad and I have dinner with you tonight

My depressed body would look great hanging from a tree…

Me: Knock Knock

Person: Who’s there?

Me: No-one

Person: No-one who?


I hope ya’ll that have depression kys you are worthless trash

just kidding

Who needs April fools…

When your whole life is a joke?

what worng with airline food…! theier not blakc and there not poeple. hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahXD!!! your’e welcom?

I am a failure to everyone and decided to attemp a suicide, guess what? I failed

dark humor is like a home not everyone gets it

My dad…came over late at night…he was drunk…he started telling me how useless I was…then I went to the kitchen grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the chest 47 times…3 minutes later…he died…now I’m losing mind…and cutting myself…

Everyone has cracks in them, mines just in my heart and not my ass.