Prostate Jokes

Yggdrasil Crimson

I asked the doctor doing my prostate exam where i should put my pants. "next to mine" was not the answer i was expecting


I go into get a prostate exam, I'm nervous but the doctor says its all natural and needs to be done.

So he pulls down my pants and sticks one finger up my ass. I feel it go deeper inside , feeling for abnormalities.

That's when I realize his hands are on my shoulders.

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You have to have real balls to face prostate cancer.

Just not for long!


My doctor told me it was perfectly normal to become aroused or even ejaculate during a prostate exam. That being said I wish he hadn't!


How would you best describe prostate cancer?

Well it is somewhere between a dick and an asshole!


What do you do when you get rid of prostate cancer?



How do you recover from prostate cancer surgery?

It’s all Depends!

dr bright
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when you have to get your prostate checked and you can feel the cold rubber of the glove but you realize both the doctor's hands are on your shoulders


Guy #1 is being picked up by Guy #2 from the hospital. Guy #1: Oh man, I just got my prostate checked. It's not looking good. Guy #2: Why, what is it? Guy #1: Turns out, I have Prostate Cancer. Guy #2: Oh man that sucks... Guy #1: Yeah, it's a real pain in the ass!

Big Jim
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"Want to hear a joke about pizza never mind it is to cheesy" -Hello YOU MORON ITS *TOO not TO, IM GOING TO EAT YOU ALIVE AND RIP OUT YOUR PROSTATE


I bet you love prostate exams because you live things up your ass