Brown Jokes

Antonio Defibaugh

whats the difference between Chris Brown and Santa.

Santa stops at 3 hoes


how did riahna know that chris brown was cheating on her…there was a different color of lip stick on his knuckles


what did Chris Brown say when he saw Rhianna

“I’d hit that”


What’s brown and rather bad for your dental health? -A baseball bat

in People

A husband and a wife have four children the oldest three are tall with blonde hair, the youngest is short with brown hair. The husband was on his deathbed and said “honey, can you be completely honest with me, is our youngest son mine?” The wife says “I swear to all that is holy he is your son.” Then the husband died and the wife muttered, “thank god he didn’t ask about the other three.”


ok this isnt a joke but its funny.

Roses are red, nuts are brown, Skirts go up, pants go down. Body to body, skin to skin, when its stiff, stick it in. It goes in dry, comes out wet, the longer it’s in, the stronger it gets. It comes out dripping and starts to sag, its not what you think, its a lipton tea bag.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

in Cow

Teacher: Describe a penguin

Student: Black, White, Beak

Teacher: Good, now describe an orphan

Student: Sad, maybe depressed, No family

Teacher: Amazing, now describe a cow

Student: Brown bun hair, red shirt, white skirt, pantyhose, and dollar tree shoes

Teacher: No! How does that describe a cow?

Student: It describes you tho.


What’s the difference between a gay guy and a microwave?

The microwave doesn’t brown the meat.


What is the difference between anal se* and a microwave? A microwave doesn’t brown your meat.


What is long brown and cured depression.

A nuse.

U make me barf

The teacher asked her class to use definitely in a sentence. Little Johnny raised his hand to answer, yet the teacher passed him and went on to Kevin. “The sky is definitely blue.” “Very good Kevin,but the sky can also be blue or black.” the teacher replied. Little Johnny raised his hand again as high as he could, yet the teacher passed right over him. And picked Annie from the back of the room. “The grass is definitely green.” “Very good Annie, but it can also be brown.” Little Johnny was waving his hand like crazy seeking her attention. Finally she called on him. “Mines more of a question, but do farts have lumps in them?” “Why no Johnny why would you ask such a question?” She questioned. “Well if they don’t have lumps in them, then I definitely just shit myself.”


Cleveland Browns

Anus McDickNuggets

what’s the worst song to play infront of a vegetable? “james brown - get on up”

what’s the worst song to play infront of a handicapped kid? “van halen - jump”

What’s the worst song to play in front of a black man in Minneapolis? I can’t breathe - Juice Wrld

in Rose

Roses are red shit is brown get that dick out my ass so we can go to town

in Puns

What’s brown and sounds like a bell? Dung.


blonde walks in i want to buy that tv. seller:i dont sell to blondes. comes back the next day with brown hair. i want to buy that tv. seller:i dont sell to blondes. comes back the next day with brown hair. i want to buy that tv. seller:i dont sell to blondes. thats it howd you know i was a blonde seller: because thats a microwave

in Blonde

Blondes like their men how they like their rice, brown, 500 at a time, and all in her bowl.

Sophia L

Whats brown and sticky? …

A stick. Get your head out of the gutters…Jeez.


What’s brown and hurts your teeth?

A chocolate?

No. A baseball bat in my hands.