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Who do you call someone that steals his brothers girlfriend and disowned by his whole family? Brandon

Two mates walk into a bar Mate 1 : Shit! look at that spider over there Mate 2 : Whateverrrrrrr Mate 1 : No, seriously it’s bloody massive Mate 2 : (Turns around) Shit thats huge, I thought you were Joking Mate 1 : No I’m Fred King, Jo King’s brother ;-)

Once there was a brother and a sister that shares to make a YouTube channel he named it p.... dick marathon

What did the pond brother say to his lake sister?

Oasis! (Oh hey sis!)

why dose Kurt Cobain hate his brother? because he’s always calling shotgun.

2 brothers were arguing. one went: your an idiot. the other went: your brother a mother. he replied: yeah i know. thanks for agreeing with me

So my brother said we should start a band and I said I already had a band…so I gave him my band and said he was talking about music and I said well I do have a trum-bone ;)

I fucc mi brother

a girl comes home finds her dad and 4 year old brother on the sofa she says dad why is he wearing that face mask the dad buckles his belt and says theirs more for you hunny

My brother puts his but in is face and says “Kyle your cracking me up”!

We are having a sleepover and we are being as quiet as possible Addison:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, THOSE ARE GREAT JOKES!!! Layne:IKR Mom:SHUT UP, YOUR BROTHER IS TRYIMG TO SLEEP Addison:ok fine Layne:look at this joke Addison:HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Addison and Layne continue laughing really loudly