Why did the man cross the road? Because his dick was stuck in the chicken

Do you like all the jokes I’ve been “cracking?”

I’m sorry for your loss.

It is going tibia okay.

How much do the bones in your body weigh?

A skele-ton!

if you dont like the video in 10 second james charles will sleep with you tonight

You know this jokes really crack up my bones~

what did the skelaton say when he well on his funny he laugh

I watched a movie about bones it was spine-tackler

what do you call animal under ground, a fossil.

What time is it when you get home can you walk walk home and walk walk home from school today and

Friend 1- How can the skeleton tell it was going to rain? Me- He could feel it in his bones Friend 1- No, he read the forcast you fucking idiot

Heheh ;3

You’ve got a body inside you - It’s called your bones.

What skieleton does Crap-ton of skieleton

Why is Seans fashion so poor, he’s retarded!

What is a dog that you can drive? A big dog 🐶 car 🚘

You’ll need a bib when you’re done eating my ribs

wat did te skeleton say to te oter skeleton ive ot a bone to pick wit you

tat was a real rib tickler ive ot a skeleTON more of te skelePUNS

What do you call the most famous skeleton detective Sherlock bones!!!

At night before I got in bed with my girl I had 206 bones but I developed a 207th bone

If you have a broken bone do you have broken skin?

An elderly was happy to finally see his wife again and was packing. He told everyone about the trip. “I will see her in one week” A week later he died

I love jokes

what do you call my dick , A. a monster