why did the bat cross the road because to get blood bar

Yo mama so fat, her blood type is Nutella.

Did you know that whenever i read my blood donor ID?

Because it says ‘B Positive’

A pregnant woman enters the hospital with her concerned husband. As she goes into labor, a group of doctors asked him if he would like to try a device that transfers your spouse’s pain to the father’s nervous system. He agrees and the doctors turn to dial on the device to 10%. Strangely, the man felt little pain. They continued to adjust the dial until it stopped at 100%, yet the man felt nothing. Later on, the wife had delivered the baby the pair left the hospital with a healthy baby only to find the milkman laying on their stairs with a puddle of blood around his head, shaking uncontrollably.

wht is a obese ladys blood type. NUTELLA

I have WWII in my blood since my great grandfather killed hitler.

-Dude, What is your favorite rapper? -He is very cold blooded -Why? -He is Ice Cube

A 90 year old man takes a Viagra Strips of naked lies down in a ally way three chicks walks on by a blond a brunette an a red head

The red head sed I’m not letting that go to waste so she strips of an rides him when she’s finished The brunette then strips of naked an rides him the blonds now worried because she just got her period the red head sez he’s dead don’t let it go to waste so she strips of naked an rides him then he wakes up he then send wow two jump starts an a blood transfusion I’m good to go !

I told my cousin since we’re not blood related our parents would let us date.

Her pants were on fire.

how do make an adult cry? stab him 10000 times until the floors are red with human blood.

what goes in and out and saves your life but is not sexual diabetes

yo mumma so ugly her blood types puss

(This format is probably easier to read)

-Dude, What is your favorite rapper?

-He is very cold blooded


-He is Ice Cube

God creates a wasp :) God: Okay, so make it reeeeally tiny. Like less than half a fly. Angel: okay… a bug. God: now give it’s face a sword, but it has a hole so it’s basically a mouth. Angel: weird… but okay… God: and give it wings. Angel: eh, not half bad Go- God: NOW MAKE IT EAT THE BLOOD OF ALL LIVING ANIMALS AND HUMANS Angel: shook o-okay God: okay. Now make sure whenever a human is bit it feels the pain of a million suns burning it, making it scratch until it bleeds out. Angel: .-. God: and make sure it also transfers diseases through the species. Give ‘em a taste ‘o that! evil grin Angel: cries Angel: whispers; I’m so sorry…

Jesus took bread and said: “This is my flesh!” Then he took wine and said: “This is my blood!” Then he took mayonnaise and Peter said: “Holy shit, now we gotta stop him!”

So I made a simple cancer joke on roblox with my friend an then both hers dumb ass friends we’re like, OMG WHY WOULD U SAY DAT? YOUR HORRIBLE!! THAT PISSED ME OFF like damn woman it’s not like I said, IF PEOPLE IN YOUR FAMILY DIED FROM CANCER THAT MEANS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE ALL DUMB ASSES. If anything they are actually dumb asses but hey. Also they can’t talk. They don’t know that I’m abused everyday at home and pressured to get good grades or else I’d get my head bashed against a wall till there is blood. So if they are reading this, SUCK MY ASS BITCH