Why did my dad leave me, Because i was a disapointment

What did the guy with no teeth say to a blind guy… how mae Ingers am I hoing up

katie Price’s answer for everything is darkness. She isn’t a dull person, but playing eye spy with my little eye with Harvey is just way too easy.

A blind man walks into a bar and starts to swing his guide dog around his head, the bartender asks him nervously “are you okay” the blind man replies “yeah I’m just looking around”

so a blind man got run over by a car…a parked car

whats the definition of rude ?

sticking a blind man in a corner and telling him to find his wife

Why did the bone go on a blind date? He was bonley.

what do blind people take for granet.sight

What is a guide dog 🐶 that can not walk? A useless guide 🐶

What is so good about a dog that can not see? Nothing is good

Sadly blind jokes are cruel. A kid at my school was punched the other day for being blind

Sadly he didn’t see it coming

a blind comedian walks into a room or did he dun dun dun

Why can’t blind people sing that can’t hear because they can see the lyrics

Idk why my blind kid is crying. but I think it could be the tacks I put on the couch.

Why are you so tired if you can’t see? Cuz you are blind

what do you call a asian in a plane

blind motherfucker

An 80 year old blind man ask his grandson can you grab my glasses Then the grandson say did you get in the flour again Grandpa said no it was the weed

Why are there blind people? Because there is

yo mama so blind that when she played fortnite she got she got her vision back got em

Once upon a time, there was a man named Daniel. He was blind and deaf and he worked at a morgue. So one time poor Dan got confused and start having sex with the rotting corpse. He then came home, and thought he was at the morgue, so he started disintegrating his sleeping wife.