Why did the kid who was blind, in jail need light to see? He didn’t, he needed to braille his way out.

I was talking to a muslem yesterday, And he asked me what it’s like to be blind. I happened to tell him about 20 jokes, in fact I was working on my twentieth. So I answered with "At least I don’t have to screw in light bulbs. It ’s not like I need the damn things anyway.

What did the guy with no teeth say to a blind guy… how mae Ingers am I olding up

A blind person walkes into a bar

Because they can’t see where they are going

What did a comedian say at a show full of blind people? What’s up.

i thought i told u the lock up when i left this morning this is why our shit gets stolen all the time

Why did my dad leave me, Because i was a disapointment

What did the guy with no teeth say to a blind guy… how mae Ingers am I hoing up

katie Price’s answer for everything is darkness. She isn’t a dull person, but playing eye spy with my little eye with Harvey is just way too easy.

Why can’t blind people sing that can’t hear because they can see the lyrics

Dark Humor: Mom: See that guy over there with no hands, tell him to clap Son: Mom, I’m blind Mom: Exactly Inspired by my derp other half

A blind man walks into a bar and starts to swing his guide dog around his head, the bartender asks him nervously “are you okay” the blind man replies “yeah I’m just looking around”

Why did the bone go on a blind date? He was bonley.

What is so good about a dog that can not see? Nothing is good

what does the blind, deff child get for christmas


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because these jokes are not funny

Heres why the chicken crossed the road…

The chicken was on the run from a crazy-ass butcher ready to murder the poor thing, so the chicken crossed the road.The chicken was crossing the road, then a blind kid saw the chicken, and the kid was hit by a flying rock, his vision was blurred (what vision?) and was actually cured of the blind. The chicken ran and jumped into a truck’s opening, and was never seen again… The kid got up from the ground and looked at the road, to see the chicken was not there, and said…" The chicken crossed the road…" The kid yelled at everyone about the chicken crossing the road, and got a lot of positive attention. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit was full of the chicken nonsense, and gained widespread attention from N.A to Asia in only 1 day.

The butcher was arrested for the attempted murder of a joke animal, and was sentenced to over 20 years in solitary confinement, and a few weeks later, the sentence was moved to a life sentence, and the butcher became known as The ChicKiller.

The End (hope you enjoyed, i was bored so i made this shit…)

Idk why my blind kid is crying. but I think it could be the tacks I put on the couch.

Why are you so tired if you can’t see? Cuz you are blind

a blind comedian walks into a room or did he dun dun dun

An 80 year old blind man ask his grandson can you grab my glasses Then the grandson say did you get in the flour again Grandpa said no it was the weed