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Once upon a time, there was a man named Daniel. He was blind and deaf and he worked at a morgue. So one time poor Dan got confused and start having sex with the rotting corpse. He then came home, and thought he was at the morgue, so he started disintegrating his sleeping wife.

This for you roman y e e t

What is a defenition of tight? A.Putting a blind man in a round room and saying your dinners in the corner.

Why did the bone go on a blind date? He was bonley.

what do blind people take for granet.sight

A blind guy walk into the door of a bar… That’s it…that’s the end of the joke.

Why could the blind man not see

Answer because he is blind

why cant the blind man see, because he cant see

An 80 year old blind man ask his grandson can you grab my glasses Then the grandson say did you get in the flour again Grandpa said no it was the weed

Q: Why did the blind man fall into the well

A: because he couldn’t see that well

Why did my dad leave me, Because i was a disapointment

A blind old guy asked me if I had any money to spare. I laughed and said I had a gold tooth… I don’t have any now.

A blind person walkes into a bar

Because they can’t see where they are going

my blind son got hit by a car when he was riding his new bike he should have been paying attention

What’s black and rings the doorbell? Stevie wonders answering the iron.

why did two red heads fall off the plane? Because they were so dam blind.

yo mama so blind that when she played fortnite she got she got her vision back got em

What did the boy say to the girl damnnn. You pissy stankkkkk