Deez Nuts Jokes


What did one nut say to the other? Ignore the guy in the middle. He’s a d!ck.

aborted fetus 911
in Ball

have you heard of the… uh Pokemon called uh rhy… rhy

rhydon deez nuts


have you seen the xbox game sea of thieves?sea if these nuts fit on yo mouth

in Nut

I bet for Halloween you were a Goblin. how a about you gobble DEEZ nuts.

in Nut

I bought a guh on the weekend. (whats a guh?) a GUHZZLE DEEZ NUTS! 🥜 🔩 🌰


Anybody know a girl named Candice? she just added me on snap


“hey what’s the russian president’s name?” “putin?” “yeah, putin deez nuts in yo mouth”


you know bofa? bofa deez nuts


Me:U know the show called imagine dragon Friends:no what is it Me:imagine dragon this nuts across yo mouth


my best friend got ligma (ah did he, sorry bro) LIGMA BALLS

i like deez nuts.

Do you you like Cds. There’s this really cool one called C Deez nuts.


can i put deez nuts in yo cluts?


do you like wendys? when deez nutz are in your mouth

Have you ever heard about the new virus in china it called hupun.hupunDEEZ NUTS!!


do you like pudding? pudding deez nutz in your mouth


What is smagma name

in Nut

what did one nut say to the other nut?

A:candice deez nuts fit in my mouth


have you ever been to the new disney park called sawcon?

Sawcon deez nutz

FUn guuy

This man came up to me and asked if i could sell my house to him and i said sure then five days later he said that the loan should came in the mailbox then i checked the mail box and the only thing i saw was nothing so i told the guy DEEZ NUTS IN YOUR MOUTH