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This is really mean… A man put a blind man in a circular room and said ur dinners in the corner

ur mom gay lololololololol

Me-are you an orphan? Boy-yeah, what gave me away? Me-…ur parents

John : hi boss it is raining heavily today so I would not be coming

Boss: u stated in ur job application that swimming was it hobby so see u at at 11am

Ur mom GAyy

What do you call it if your mom is a guy and ur dad is a woman?


Want to know why some astronomers are gay?

It’s because they want to be in UR ANUS

59009 filp it backwards on ur calculator…it =…boobs!

My friend txted me and asked me "Hey. Whts ur favorit emoji?" I said "😬😬😬😬😬😬😬" She said "why?" I said “Cause its your twin”

ur mum homo

when u think Ur moms a virgin then u stumble into the wrong closet

What do u call nuts on ur chest? Chestnuts What do u call nuts on the wall? Walnuts What do u call nuts on ur chin? A b......


ur mum gay

oof ur gay

Friend: how dark is ur humor Me: …it… Friend: no Me:smilesGETS BEAT BY THE MISTRESS AND GETS SCOLDED BY THE MASTER!!! Friend: why are you like this?

Dad:🦆 Kid:? Dad:🦆🦆 Kid:huh? Dad: ur too late… Kid: WHAT Dad: … GOOSE

What’s the difference between a blonde and ur computer? U don’t wamt ur computer to go down on u.

ur dad lesbian

Ur sister a mister

Ur family tree LGBT

Ur famnily reunion a homosexual communion