Tall Jokes

A guy runs into a bar, and yells, “Quick! How tall is a penguin?”

The bartender says, “Three feet tall.”

The guy says, “Oh my God! I just ran over a nun!”

Short girl: "How do you see up there?"

Tall guy: "Who said that?"

I spit my drink out and then ran away.

A husband and a wife have four children the oldest three are tall with blonde hair, the youngest is short with brown hair. The husband was on his deathbed and said “honey, can you be completely honest with me, is our youngest son mine?” The wife says “I swear to all that is holy he is your son.” Then the husband died and the wife muttered, “thank god he didn’t ask about the other three.”


To be the perfect German you need to be as thin as Göring, as tall as Goebbles and as blonde as Hitler.