What’s black, white, and red? A nun that fell down a 100 flight of stairs. What’s black, white, and laughing? The nun that pushed her!

How to fall down stairs Step 1 Step 2 Step 6,7,8 9,10

What does your mom and a slinky have in common?

They aren’t much to look at, but you can’t help but crack a smile when you see then tumbling down the stairs.

Why did Steven Hawking not go to heaven after he died?

He could not get up the stairs?

What is black and sits at the top of the stairs? – Steven Hawking after a house fire.

Why should you wary of stairs? – Because they are always up to something.

A crippled guy rolls into a bar only to find his worst enemy…stairs.

What do you get when you put a baby in a box of razor blades, and throw it down the stairs?

An erection!

Whats black, white, and red all over? A nun that fell down the stairs. What’s black, white, and laughing? The nun that pushed her.

What do you call a patronizing criminal walking down the stairs? A condescending con descending.

i fell from the stairs the other day. it really “got me down”.

How do Asian people name their children?

they throw a pan down the stairs.

What would your name be? msg it to @chelsearosegraham

Sometimes, stairs get me down.

What’s black and sits on the bottom of the stairs to the cellar?

Steven hawking where the experiments went wrong.

i hate stairs their always up to something

Some cripples when they die they can’t go to heaven

Why? Because of the stairs

Why didn’t the girl like stairs? They were always up to something.

Me:Have you seen a mr.weewoo Most people:no Me: he drives the ambulance down stairs

Why did stephen Hawking make it to heaven? He couldn’t make it up the stairs.

What’s Black and sits at the top of the stairs? Stephen Hawkins in a house fire.

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