An American is lecturing a British person, saying things like “it’s an elevator not a lift” and “it’s chips not crisps” etc. After a while of this the British person calmly retorted “they’re schools, not shooting ranges”.

I asked my midget neighbour if he wanted a lift. He told m to “F... of!!!”! I thought what a cheeky cunt and zipped my backpack up and walked away.

I hope there is a lift to heaven ❤️ I shouldn’t be making jokes tho ❤️😩

Never eat more than you can lift.

What’s the difference between a 5.7l v8 and a dead baby?

If you lift the hood on my car you won’t find a 5.7l v8

they struggled to lift the whaghts but i got watermelon to keep me in shape

Steven Hawkins couldn’t take the stairway to Heaven he had to take the lift

How did Stephen hawking get up the stairway to heaven?

He didn’t, there was no lift…!

A man from Brooklyn is arguing with an englishman. He says things like,

“It’s a elevator, not’a lift!”


“It’s bathroom! Not ‘washroom’!”

He keeps going on until the englishman says,

“Hey wankar, it’s a school, not a god damned shootin range.”

Yo mama so fat and old, she lifted her boob to wash under it and a pilgrim fell from under it

He couldn’t take the stairway to heaven he had to take the lift

There is a man and a women on a date.

The women asked what kind of things do you love.

The table starts to lift up on the mans side and the man says sorry.

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