When is it acceptable to hit a dwarf? When he dances with your wife and says her hair smells nice…

When is it acceptable to hit a dwarf? When he dances with your wife and says her hair smells nice…

I smell Ice a mile. *Titanic I want to Icebeld.

Why did the duck say hi to the other butt because he wanted it to smell good

One day I was at church I had sit down I I. Said who in the world sink I 👀 down turns it was me and this not a joke but funny

Why did the butt smell so bad? Because he didn’t have a nose! AND HE FARTED TOO!

Wee dyslexic boy and girl in class. Wee boy says"Can you smell gas?? Wee girl replies"I canny even smell my name"

Once there were twins, Mark and Michael, Mark was the owner of a old boat. It so happened that Michael’s wife died the same day that Mark’s boat sank. A few days later, a kindly old woman saw Mark and mistook him for Michael. She said, "I’m sorry to hear about your loss. You must just feel terrible. "Mark, thinking that she was talking about his boat, said, “Heck no. In fact, I’m sort of glad to be rid of her. She was a rotten old thing right from the beginning. Her bottom was all shrivelled up and she smelled like old dead fish. She was always losing her water; she had a bad crack in the back and a pretty big hole in the front too. Every time I used her, her hole got bigger and she leaked like crazy. I guess what finally finished her off was when I rented her to these four guys looking for a good time. I warned them that she wasn’t very good, but they wanted to use her anyhow. The fools tried to get in her all at once and she split right up the middle!” The old lady fainted. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

What’s yellow and smells of Marge ??? Homer Simpson fingers

Of a midget walks up to you and tells you your hair smells nice, is that sexual harassment…

You smell like tap water and cornflakes

If a clown farted, would it smell funny?

What does the right eye say to the left eye?

Between you and me something smells!

What time is it when you smell garbage 🗑? Time to run 🏃

what’s red and smells like blue paint? red paint

What time is it when you can smell smoke 💨 inside? Time to get outside

What did the right eye say to the left?—Between you and me, something smells!

How does Hellen Keller smell. Pretty bad she’s dead!

Roast: What is the difference between your girlfriend and a walrus? One is hairy and smells like fish and the other is a walrus. Your welcome

Why do musicians in New Orleans smell so good?

Because they’re jasmine (jazz men)!