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Why was the chef embarrassed. He saw the salad dressing.

What did the chef say to the skeleton? “BONE Apetit!”

Did you hear about the old Italian chef?? Yeah he pasta a way. Then a man walked comprehending to be him. Everyone knew he was a in-pasta

Q: Why did the chef get fired? A: He took cooking advice from Hitler!

What did the chef on the titanic scream as he tried to finish the dishes- “oh no the sink sank!”

I walked In a sushi bar and the sushi chef looked very O-Fish-all!

Why did the chef cook his eggs on the golf course? Because he wanted them par-boiled!

What was the epileptic chef’s house special? Seizure salad.

Why did the chef flip a pancake? Because he was a tosser

3 guys landed on a cannibal island. the Cannibal chef told them if you want to live to go get 10 of one fruit and bring it to me and I will tell you what to do. so the first guy brings 10 apples and the chef said if you can shove all 10 of those in your ass without making a sound you can live. He was 3 apples in made a sound and they ate him. the second guy brought grapes. 9 grapes in and burs ted out laughing. The Cannibals ate him. then the first guy said why you laugh you were almost there. the other guy who had the grapes said I couldn’t help it I was told the third guy came back with 10 pineapples.