How does NASA organise a party?


What do you get when you combine A planet and an apple?

Ma rio

What day does Venus like?


friend. your mums fat

Me well your mums so fat she played pool with the planets

Why is a moon 🌕 rock tastier than an earth 🌍 rock?

Because it’s a little meteor.

What is the richest planet?

Saturn 🪐- It has many rings.

Do people live on the earth 🌏? Yes a lot of people live on the earth 🌎

Better call NASA and tell them there is only going to be 7 planets after I destroy URANUS.

YOUR so fat that you have to live on pluto so you don’t destroy none of the planets

Gay person to girl:what’s your favourite planet Girl:penus-(penis)(venus),and what is yours? Gay person: what else, its Your Anus(uranus)😅

What’s the worst living thing on planet earth? Humans

What is an alien’s favourite chocolate? A mars bar

how do you organize a space party? you planet.

How do you plane a party in space? you have to planet

what song does Saturn sing ?

'if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ’

an assassin threatens a planet the planet remains calm the assassin:"do you not realize the gravity of this situation?

What Is gods favourite planet staring because it has a ring around it

Uranus is a gassy planet

How do you measure the circumference of Uranus? By the rings around it

Oh baby there’s about to be 7 planets because in gonna destroy Uranus