How does an Alabama mother know when her daughter is on her period? She can taste the blood off her son’s cock!

Why did the girl rage badly when she got an D- on her essay?

Because the teacher said she missed all her periods

How do you know that your sister is on her periods? Your dads dick tastes wierd.

Daughter: So, I got my period. Mom: That’s wonderful, dear! Now you can bleed for a whole week a month without dying! Daughter: That’s nice, Mum, but isn’t the whole point of getting your period dying? Mom: Yes, but you have to kill yourself a little longer to live through to the another day. Daughter: Thanks, Mum. That makes a whole lot of sense. (Sarcastically) Mom: You’re welcome, honey. (Clueless. Obviously.)

What did the lesbian vampire say to the heterosexual woman after the lesbian vampire was done licking the pussy of the heterosexual woman? when is your next blood period?

What did the lesbian vampire say to the heterosexual woman after she was done licking her pussy after she was done having her blood period? I will be back next month

Your forehead so big it built like megamind’s robot period

How can you tell when you’re sister is on her period?

Your dads knob tastes funny

Little Susie had gotten her first period. She told her mom and they bought pads. The next month, Susie’s mom asked if she had her second one. Suzie said no and her mom fainted

People might not laugh to my jokes, or have a reaction at all, But I’d explode with euphoria. Periodically, people might laugh every now and then.

I make chemistry jokes periodically

Why does it take three women with PMS to screw in a lightbulb?


When your exercising and you feel the “gush”

Why do women have periods??? Because they deserve them haha…

Uh uh fuck me, daddy

I make sience puns periodically

Three doctors go into a room to get rid of a dead guys body they notice when they walk over he has a boner the first doctor decides why not fuck him he still has a boner left in him the 2nd says well he’s dead and I I’m a virgin the 3d one says I can’t I’m on my period and then says okey why not he already dead it’s not like he doesn’t smell bad after all that they go to walk out and the guy pops up and says thanks for saveing my life pumping blood back into my body…

What do you call Stevan hauking on a period. Mario cart

What is a prisoner’s favorite punctuation?

A period.


Because it marks the end of a sentence.

a man died with an erection. the three nurses in the morgue saw this the first nurse climbs on and rides him. the second nurse dose the same the third hesitates saying “i’m on my period.” the others say its ok hes dead so she rides him to. when she’s done he sits up and all the nurses ask how hes alive he replies i’m good to go after the two jumpstarts and blood transfusion