Why couldn’t the toilet paper cross the road-because it got stuck in a crack

What did the toilet paper say when he got stuck in a crack on the side walk ?I got stuck in a but crack

Hay guys I use toilet paper

why can,t the tolit paper cross the road it was stuck in a crack

Do you want to hear a paper joke., Nevermind it is tearable

" can i tell you a paper joke" i said “but it is pretty terrible”

When You Throw paper at a hill you can say " Hey look it is like Kobes Helicopter

Did you know toilets while your at work they eat your toilet paper

Only really smart people will get this with out it being explained

Toilet paper fight hat

This is a joke about Ms. Ploopatoink, a made-up character who is a pink fluffy pony who loves toilet paper.

Why is Ms. Ploopatoink like a toilet plunger? They both jump in the toilet!

Why did the toilet paper cross the road It didnt it got stuck in a crack

When I nailed the quiz my teacher wasn’t very happy. I wasn’t either with all those paper cuts.


Why couldn’t the toilet paper roll down the road

Want to hear a joke about paper? Never mind it’s tearable.

Why can’t the toilet paper be cheeky? It’s between cheeks at the moment.

why did the toilet paper roll down the hill

because of gravity

Her last name starts with a and ends with d and the middle letters are poo

Why did the zebra cross the road

You know why I hate paper? It’s TEAR-able to the enviorment

Hey I ask for a paper but I thought it was a cut but turns out it was tearable