April Fool

April Fool Jokes

We’re skipping April fools day this year, the biggest joke is already sitting in office running our country

Just hire some people to be fake parents and print off an adoption appear on April fools the just leve them there at the orphanage APRIL FOOLS!

i go to get my mail stranger: something fell out of your pokit" april fools" he said me: "your adopted,April fools" then i see a orphan be hind me and gets all exited

BlessedBrian must have been born on April Fools’ Day... because he’s a JOKE every day of the year

So this guy and his wife figure out that she has gotten pregnant. The baby is due March 31st. Well the guy is at work and he gets a call from his wife. She tells him she is going into labor. He rushes to pick her up, and once he is on the road he starts speeding. Eventually he hits another car and swerves off the road into a ditch. He wakes up in the hospital, looks around but doesn’t see his wife. He asks the doctor, is my wife okay, she was carrying my child. The doctor said the wife is fine and the baby is in good health. 10 seconds later he goes “APRIL FOOLS! Your wife is dead and your child has brain damage

So a mom went to her kid and said "If you pray to god, he will give you your sight back" so he did exactly that The next morning the mom heard a scream, so she went to the kids room and asked "whats wrong" the kid replied it didn't work" The mom said "April Fools"

On the fourth month (Symbolizing 41%) on the first day, transgenders mourn for the trans suicides

That day is called "April Fool's"