Offensive Jokes

Zach Topping

What does a frozen loading screen and a make a wish kid have in common?

They both couldn’t make it all the way

th3 n0rm4l k1d

americans live in the U.S.A. the quiet kids live in the U.Z.I.

dick in cheese

so i got my brother a jumping castel for his birthday that bitch cried in his wheel chair

out of bounds

when you were born your mom said you were out of bounds so you went flying out of the hospital


Why did the NBA remove the glory hole 🕳 from the men’s locker room? too many black basketball players sucking too many white cocks before the game.

dick in cheese

i got my sister a book and she cried there but i forgot she was blind


why did theautistic kid walk across a busy road?.. He was chasing is mind and got hit my a car

in Orphan

When an orphan takes a photo it’s also a family Portrait :)

Btw If people find these offensive, Why are you here?? Why are you searching orphan jokes anyways???


I met an amazing girl online. Smart, sexy… uninhibited. Of course it turned out to be a 12 year old paraplegic boy… I have to admit… The sex was disappointing.


What black and white black and white black and white black and white… I dead nun rolling down a hill

in Orphan

Why am I banned from my catholic orphanage? Because the children kept calling my daddy.

Squiddly Diddly

Derrick and Clive. They have a song about a Dad with Cancer and other extremely offensive subjects in a routine called “The non stop dancer”. It is very funny but it is made even funnier by Dudley moors, drunken and stoned laughter through the song. One of the best routines ever. Look it up on YouTube. They recorded them in the studio but they are adlibbing and extremely drunk.


There was a blind man. He was blind. Ha, sucks for him. (sans undertale)


There was a women. She is property. Ha, sucks for that dishwasher. (sans undertale)


Quoting the great Jimmy Carr: “when i cook i make sure there are vegetarian options. They can make do, or they can fuck off.”