Offensive Jokes


There was a women. She is property. Ha, sucks for that dishwasher. (sans undertale)


69 420 21

Quoting the great Jimmy Carr: “when i cook i make sure there are vegetarian options. They can make do, or they can fuck off.”


me:knock knock friend:whos there me:impation feminest friend:impati– me:why dont we have equal pay YETTTTTTT


a man bought steroids from… he was expecting a big package to cum!!!

Chicken nuggets

I wasn’t close to my dad when he died it’s a good thing he stepped on a land mine

Ginny Fats

Have you seen the Woody Allen v Mia Farrow series on HBO? If you like details about child molestation without having to do it yourself, boy do I have the show for you!


Jk: jimin why are you so small? Jm: excujjimi? Jk: no offense jim jm: yah call me hyung! Jk: but im bigger jm: im older! Jk: im tge top and your tge bottom so i dobt think its right to call you hyung… jm:…

Lonely son seeking dad
in Dad

What is a “dad”?