Ninja Jokes

in Self Harm

playing irl fruit ninja on my arm

What's a ninja's favorite type of shoes?


in Dark Humor

When the depressed kid runs out of eyeliner So he says fruit ninja with his wrists

in Emo

Why are emo jokes so infamous?

They cut deep.

Why isn’t the Moon Emo anymore?

Turns out it was just a phase.

How many emos like anagrams?


What do you call those who remain My Chemical Romance fans?


What is the connection between Emos and Darth Vader?

They both dress in all black and none of them has a father.

What do you call flat-chested emo?

A cutting board.

How many emo kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Who cares, let them cry in the dark.

Why did the emo kid leave the food on the table?

It was the Happy Meal.

Anthony went into the bakery and ordered Emo Cake.

“Emo cake?” says the baker. ” What exactly is it?”

Anthony says, “It’s the cake that cuts itself.”

How do you pull an emo from a tree?

Cut the rope.

What’s the similarity between emos and unsalted popcorn?

They’re both white and flavourless.

What do emo birds call their mouths?


What do you call an obese emo teen?

An edgelard.

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What do you call a gang of emo kids?

Suicide Squad.

How are cats and emos different from one another?

The cat still has 8 other lives.

Why does emo get tattoos of fruits on their arms?

They are playing Fruit Ninja.

What will you call Sonic if he’s an emo?

Sonic the Edgy hog.

Why would the emo swallow a clock?

So he could wake up inside.

Why are Emos still around?

Because the suffering never ends.

What is the best way to get an emo off your balcony?

You encourage them.

What kind of bath bomb does an Emo prefer?

A toaster.

What is the favourite game of an emo?


Why do people wish their lawn grass was emo?

So it could cut itself.

A group of friends started an emo salsa band.

They call themselves HisPanic at the Disco.

What is the difference between pizza and emo pizza?

Emo pizza kind of cuts itself.

in Self Harm

my friend: "whats that on your arm me: oh this, i didnt have enough storage on my phone to download fruit ninja so i had to improvise a little bit


did you hear about the ninja pedophile no one saw him cuming

in Puns

What kind of shoes does a ninja wear? Sneakers *dab*

Today i find out that my cat got hit by a car accident, wellp i guess im gonna play ninja fruits on my hands again, Its not like anyone will notice.

in Self Harm

What is a self harm persons favorite game

Fruit ninja

in Cut

I wanted to play fruit ninja but remembered I don’t have a phone. Guess I gotta draw fruit on my arm

in Nobody

Why are ninjas farts so dangerous because there silent and deadly

Zach Topping
in Offensive

How does a non binary ninja kill someone?

They slash them

in Yo mama

Yo mama so stupid she thought Fruit Ninja was a gay weeaboo

in Skeleton

Here are some skeleton jokes You know the average person tries to hard and works himself to the bone If that joke didn't tickle your funny bone i can give you a real humerous joke I used to play the trumpet now i play the xylo-bone im always happy nothing gets under my skin I made you some turkey for lunch Bone appetit Im glad i had you im no longer bonely Ive got a skele-ton of more jokes but i'm just giving you one more Did you hear about the skeleton ninja he was very skullful (skillful)

in Puns

What kind of shoes do ninjas wear? Sneakers

in Emo

whats a emos favorite game, fruit ninja

in Emo

What Game do Emo's Play Fruit Ninja (Sorryyyyy Lmaoooo)

Anonymous robot
in Adult

what do you get when the queen fart a noble gas... what do you get when a dino farts a blast from the past.. why are ninja farts so dangerous they are silent but deadly L O L S


big joke

this is a big joke so yeah you cants tell me what to do this joke is funny so laugh ok... now that your done laughing lemme say a joke... get it there was no joke hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahhaha lololol so funny im ninja

in Emo

What is an emos least favourite game? Fruit ninja

in Train

What will Sarah Thompson (Ninja Steel Pink) do if she meets the ToQgers (Train Super Sentai)?

They will TRAIN together

Why is it so hard to tame a dog?

Because it's unTRAINable


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