Normal Jokes


Q. What is the difference between a normal kid and a emo kid A. The Phrase Jump Rope mean to different things


What do U.S airstrikes and dark humor have in common?

They’re normally pointed towards Africa and the Middle East

Lebron jehamez
in Hairline

your hairline is so bad that it makes lebron’s hairline look normal.


I tried to explain to my 4 year old son that it’s perfectly normal to accidentally poop your pants. – But he’s still making fun of me.


Q. Whats the difference between a normal kid and a emo kid A. One has Functioning neck


I spy with my little eye nothing because I only have two normal sized eyes.

in Prostate

My doctor told me it was perfectly normal to become aroused or even ejaculate during a prostate exam. That being said I wish he hadn’t!

in Kid

I live next to a kindergarten and yesterday they had a fire drill. It was kinda weird because normally it’s me who has a drill around little children.

in Catholic

How do you make holy water?

You take normal water, and boil the hell out of it.

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

He was just feeling like he needed a break, you know? Life is hard when you’re a rooster looking after your hen and chicks. He just wanted a sense of normality, walking out of the farm. He felt light-headed, staring into the distance. Then, at this very moment, he realised it was his darkest hour.

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in Emo

what is the difference between emo grass and normal grass emo grass cuts itself

a normal kid brings an MP3 to school

a rich kid brings an MP4 to school

quiet kid brings an MP5

All normal sized babies a delivered by stork.

Heavier babies are delivered by crane.

in Dwarf

I hate writing dwarf jokes but I Normally keep them short

in Nut

I asked my doctor if it was normal for one of my nuts to be bigger than the other two.

in Goth

Normal person:"I’m perfect" Goth person:“nobody is”

in Communist

in normal country they have lemonade in soviet russia they have Leninade “refresh yourself with a cold war.”

in Depression

Is it normal my emo cousins hobby is tying himself to train tracks.

Ben Dover
in Difference

What do you call California when it’s having a wildfire? Completely normal.


When you having a normal day at school but then

all the other kids with the pumped up kicks