Little Johnny Jokes


Little Johnny got told by his friend that if you go to your parents and say : I know the truth they give you money so little Johnny says to his mum I know the truth so his mum hands him 20 dollars and tells him not to tell anyone so when little Johnny’s dad gets home little Johnny says I know the truth his dad hands him $50 and says not to tell anyone so little Johnny try’s it on the post man and says I know the truth and the post man says come here son


Little Johnny walked into an ice cream shop and asked: Do you have chocolate filled ice cream? The man replies: We are out of that, sorry, we are almost out of every single flavor, do you want me to get you a vanilla filled one? Johnny replies: Sure. After that the man asks for Johnny’s phone and goes to back of the store. 5 minutes later the man comes with a ice cream and Johnny’s phone. Johnny asks: How much for the ice cream? The man replies: Nothing, its on the house. After Johnny ate hes delicious ice cream, he searched for hes watch history. And then Johnny realized the flavor of the ice cream.

🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱 Albania

Little Jonny when he makes a Uranus joke Little jonny:I have achieved comedy 😂😂😂😂😂


bob is johnny ahgaaghahahahaha


Why did the cow knock over johnny? Because the cow felt like to dumb

Anonymous Jimmy

Johnny Johnny? Yes papa? Sniffing Cocane? YES SIRRR


Little Johnny went to the beach found some cocane and died the end


Johnny: Why do cuss words exist? Mom: That’s not something you should think about right now. I’ll tell you when you’re older. || 20 YEARS LATER || Johnny: Mom now can you tell me why cuss words exist? Mom: Because some people invented them so that they could use them when something annoying happened to them. Johnny: Damn Mom you shoulda told me that when I was still seven cuz now I really feel like that person.


The teacher was asking some of her students the meanings to words. “Sally, can you tell me what beautiful means?” Sally: “You…” Teacher: “Aww! How nice! But next time say the actual definition. Now, can someone tell me what malicious means?” Andrew: “A dangerous person and/or virus.” Teacher: “Great job Andrew! Now, what does fat mean? Johnny?” Johnny: “A pig.” Teacher: “Could you tell me the actual defini-” Johnny: “In other words, the person who last spoke to me.”


Teacher: Can someone tell me the only living thing that can reproduce without sex?" Jo

Little Johnny: “Your wife.”


Teacher: “If you’re dumb, stand up.” Nobody stands up. After some waiting, the teacher says, “Really? No one? There must be someone.” Little Johnny stands up. “Oh, so you think you’re dumb, Johnny?” “Nah, I just feel bad that you’re standing alone.”

Teacher: Little Johnny, why are you late again? Little Johnny: I had to be their for the birth of our first mixed cow, the white cow fell on the mud! (The teacher faints)

Made by Evie and Peyton and Peyton’s Mom


i have a little john


little jhonny is gay


The teacher asks “who is a trump fan?” everyone in the class, wanting to be liked by their teacher all put their hands up, except for Little Johnny. The teacher asks “Little Johnny, why are you being different again?”.Little Johnny says"Because i’m not a trump fan" The teacher asks “Why are you a trump fan?” and Little Johnny says “Because my dad’s a democrat and my mum’s a democrat so i’m a democrat” and then his teacher says “so if your dad was an idiot and you mum was a moron, what would that make you?” and Little Johnny replies “a trump fan”

Donald Trump

little Johnny is my son and he got hit by a semi-truck owned by a Russian. Now I am on my way on a nuclear submarine with a burger king whopper to Moscow then take revenge for little Johnny!!!


just yeah bruh and yeah


Little Johnnys neighbour just had a baby he got invited to dinner with his neighbour little Johnnys dad said if. he mentioned ears he will get a spank so Johnny looked in the basonet they were talking about the new baby Johnnys mum said what beautiful eyes that is great said little Johnny. because he will be stuffed if he needed glasses

Mike Ox Long

one time little johnny saw someone in his yard tying a rope to a tree and he moved the stoll and the tree broke. little johnny screamed. " HAHA Your skinny enough to break the tree"

Quandale Dingle

One day, little Johnny was playing with his toys and looked out the window. He saw the neighbor’s kid laying face-first in the grass. Not breathing. Little Johnny continued to shoot his nerf gun at the neighbor’s big booty cheeks. No movement at all. After little johnny went to get a snack, he looked out the window again and the kid was gone. Little Johnny went to the neighbors and said, “I’m sorry to hear that your child has gone missing.”