Kobe Jokes




What did the mountain say to the helicopter? Kobee


Haha Dead


What do you say when going for a dunk in basket ball

Kobe crash


Kobes favorite song was “it’s going down for real”

ben stringer

my wifi must be kobe because it crashed hard


I would tell a joke about Kobe, but it wouldn’t really land well

Kobe Bryant

Her: I love kobe bryant!

Me: Helicopter Helicopter


Me: Atleast you don’t say save the trees cus damn kobe is good

Jack Dillon

you know what the difference between kobe bryant and russel westbrook, he wears 0 and kobe has 0 lives left


Drop me in afghanistan with a cigar, a kobe jersey, a mac-10, a lambo huricane with a bumper delete and a toyota tacoma with a m249 on the back. Then Ill have afghanistan by the 51 state by midnight.


Saying a Kobe joke after he died tends to ignite a fire in the people you say it to.


What type of bee cant fly…

Answer: Kobeee

Launch Site

Random Kid: Aye man where was Kobe flying to?

Launch Site: Umm, he might have gone too close to here sorry If he might have crashed…

in Emo

what bee is terrible at flying kobee

i did it

what did the helicopter say to the mountain? KOBE!

Wilt Chamberlain may have spread his seed among many women, but Kobe spread his brain matter all over California.

Dark Jòke§

What does Kobe and the Twin towers have in common?

The pilots just couldn’t stick the landing

Wow that was explosive!

Man I’m on fire 🔥 today


They finally released the audio recording from the black box in Kobe’s helicopter. Apparently when the helicopter caught fire Kobe was sitting right next to the only fire extinguisher. You could hear everyone screaming for him to put out the fire but he couldn’t figure out how to use it. They begged and pleaded for him to give the extinguisher to anyone else… the last thing you hear is Kobe saying “I’d rather die than pass it”