Is Stephen hawking under warranty, if so can I bring him back to currys pc world?

if stephen hawking is diying where do i take him currys pc world or hospital

why did people take Stephen hawkings to the hospital when we should of took him to currys pc wold

What do you call a indian in a lamorgini?

CURRY in a hurry.

What did the indian say to the fat man?

Curry up!

keep calm and curry on !!!

So Steph Curry and Lebron Jame went on a vacation and Steph Curry said try not to travel

at what speed is the curry going at ?

in a hurry to the curry man

where did steven hawkings go when he broke his leg? hospital or curries pc world

what did the indian person say to the lady curry up will you

why did the indian cross the road ? to get to the curry shop

what country did indians invent? curry-a

If Steven hawking is ill does he go to the doctors or curry’s pc world

Ignore Stephen hawking had a heart attack would he go to hospital or curry’s pc world?

why are indians dark? because they are born and bred in chicken curry

When Stephen hawking is ILL 🤮 do you take him to curry’s pc world or the doctors 😂😂😂😂

two indians went to a fine restaurant. They ordered parathas with curry. HAHAHAHAHA

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Where did Steven Hawking spend most of his spare time…Currys PC world

paki curry is shit

What do you call a baby with red curry fried hair

A baby using a potato peeler and a comb