What do gay horses eat? – Horse dick.



A horse a fox and a bunny join together and make a rock band they started doing tiny gigs but they got famous and went on tour they all got so famous it went to their heads and the band disbanded the fox made his and bunny made her own the horse was sad that the band was no more so he went to a bar and the bartender asked why the long face


just a joke

I was eating this girl out the other night and I tasted horse semen so I said to her “oh that’s how you died grandma.”


ur mom

I was eating this girl out the other day and I tasted horse semen… I looked up at the girl and said “that’s how you died grandma”


Fart Nuggets

Horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks “why the long face?”. The horse replies saying “My wife just died of cancer, and my alcohol addiction is tearing my family apart.” The bartender responds saying “oh” sympathetically. “sucks to be you!” The bartender yells, throwing a bottle of wine at the horse.



What do you get when you cross breed a woman and a horse? A nnaaahhhga


Corrienne Strong

A man who desperately wanted to be good after serving time in prison was visited by an Angel "You want to change? You can still enter heaven on two conditions …you must bet on the horses with any money you have and pass your winnings to someone less fortunate and you must never hold on to any beef . " The Angel then disappeared.  The man did as was told and became generous and kind …as he emerged from the betting office with all his money… he would pass every penny of it all to a deserving person…each and everytime. He ,however couldn’t seem to avoid meat and would still eat it no matter what .  When he died the Angel came back for him … “But I’m undeserving I can’t come with you” he said … “Yes you can” replied the Angel , “you gave all your stake ( steak) away”



We were at a restaurant today and my dad was talking about a place called Sea Ranch. I asked, “what do they raise there? Sea horses?”



A horse says to they other horse are you hot?

The other horse says ahhhh a house that talks


Ryan Skeripski

A horse walked in a bar and the bartender ask why the long face


Sir Glitter

What’s got 4 legs and is stronger than Superman

Christopher Reeve’s horse



A horse and a bear walk into a bar… Oh wait, can’t tell that one!



what did your mom get for chirstmas? a big black horse dildo



So about a year ago I was riding a horse and out of no where the horse tried to flip me off it and I fell off I would have been OK but my foot got stuck in the stirrup the horse dragged me along and didn’t stop. I would have died if it weren’t for the Walmart manger who came out and unplugged the horse.



What do you call a horse rider with down syndrome?

Down Quijote