Yo mama


Your mommas so depressed she shot herself in the head hoping she’d die



I hope there is a lift to heaven ❤️ I shouldn’t be making jokes tho ❤️😩




Ok this is a texting joke this isnt my joke found it on google Mom:SON YOURE G-MOM JUST PASSED AWAY lol Son:mom how is that funny?!?! i hope ur not laughing MOm:OH NO I THOUGHT LOL MEANT LAUGHING OUT LOUD



Hi guys, so today I have not thought of a joke, and I’m not really sure what to do so I thought I would do kinda a blog sort of thing so hope you enjoy and you don’t have to read this!

So I woke up this morning and heard this weird noise and it was my dad building me a new gymnastics bar so I can have uneven bars which I am so excited about! And I am so glad that you guys have been nice and liking my jokes and stuff but also, make sure to comment below if you want to tell me what kind of jokes you want and what you want me to do and also, feel free to talk to me! Love y’all!!!



Roses are red, fishers are fishing, I really hope, you’ll be reported missing.



What did the fork say to the cake when he said i hope u get eaten

Fork off



Hey Guys I haven’t been on in like freaking forever! Sorry. Anyways I love you emrald :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I hope your on!

Love you all. Hope you all have a nice day, Best regards Koko, <3



Hope everyone is having a good day ❤️



Sometimes I look at someone I hate and think “I hope you get laid tonight.” By a tweaker with AIDS.



“I hope my death would make for sense then my life”- joker

Zebra Crossing


A man is standing on the side of the road, waiting to cross, when another man stands alongside him, the first man says, " I have been waiting to cross here for ages, its impossible to cross " the second man says, “there is a zebra crossing up the road”, he said, “I hope he is having better luck than I am”.



My syndrome may be down but my hopes are up !




What does the man say about his baby sister lydia? "I hope she electricutes herself!’



Who ever is reading this I hope you have good day because I feel bad your so short



Who ever invented school I hope you burn in hell.



I GAVE UP HOPE AND I LIKED IT!! I TAKE MEDS TO FEEL FANTASTIC! (i kissed a boy{but fed up lyrics})


Mr. Dark Joke

A woman visits the doctor as she has some abdominal pains and suspects she may be pregnant. After her examination, the doctor comes out to see her: “Well, I hope you like changing nappies/diapers”.

She replies: “Oh my god am I pregnant, am I pregnant!?”

To which he responds: “No, you’ve got bowel cancer.”



I am Taylor Swift

We have I hope we have life we have God in Jesus Christ this is a good thing it is a song part



Why do Indians gamble so much? They are hoping to one day reclaim their land



Any body have nothing to do? Well here is a prank that you’ll never forget!

( Btw I never actually did this irl yet)

So tell your parents at night to come in in about 30 minutes cuz your legs hurt and you need them rubbed. So when they come in, pretend like your sleeping and right before they go out shout: NO! Then they will look at you but you’ll be sleeping. (The idea is that you’ll be sleep talking.) Then you start to cuss and say the most random things like: Hey you can’t chew my cud it’s mine, plus, you even went swimming today at that damm lake! Also say something like: YOU SON OF A BITCH! swat in the air once Then say: Why a made your fckin’ bed today you stupid parents! swat three times And btw try and not smile as hard as it may be cuz they will be looking at you weird. And try to open your eyes just enough so you can see them. And depending on the tipe of parent you have they may wake you up by then or they will get interested and start laughing! Any way, then say: That mother fcker that lives across the street just said I was ugly, you should do something about it(sibling name) ______. And also say: And if you happen to know where the nearest store is then that would be helpful. Then say: No Hulk! Leave me alone I love you! swat twice. Then say: Uncle Timmy Tom you are such a nude nick.(my dad made up the word nude nick, it just means crazy and annoying ) Then settle down and lay on your stomach in your “sleep” and make it look like you putting the blanket on you more, but irl it would probably be to hide a smile! I think I will stop there cuz I don’t think any one could hold in there laughter that long and if you feel like you can hold out longer then just make something up.

I hope you guys can do this and it goes well for you! Please comment! Byeee!