What did everyone say about the crazy unemployed homeless man? He made no cents

What’s the best part of dating a homeless girl?

You can drop her off anywhere.

A starving homeless kid ask me for food

I said “sorry,my plate is full”

why is the homeless homeless?

because it’s homeless

Yo mama so poor she asked a homeless guy for money.

What do you call a homeless bounty hunter?
Hobo Fett!

Why was the homeless lady only wearing one sock? – She started her period.

a friend texts to another "hey", they reply, “What’s up?”. The first friend then replies with a simple answer, “the sky!”, but the other friend intervenes and says, “no it’s the ceiling!”. To then the first friend finishes the greeting with, “unless you’re homeless or six feet under.”

What did the p...star say to the unemployed homeless man? Get a f...ing job.

A guy is sitting on the side of street and asked for money. He said ‘‘Ew i dont take money from faggots’’ The guy nodded his head and said thats right i have a home

Why can’t orphans play baseball?

Because they don’t know where home is

I adopted a dog. its gone now. At least homeless people in china are not starving.

(This isnt a joke)

There was a homeless family in need for a room. But, The guy said no more rooms because they were Homeless… So, they got into a barn… And, the mother gave birth to a young healthy boy. And, Before you say anything bad to a homeless man, That little boy was born on December 25th. Guess who it is.


The other day, I donated my car keys, $1,000, and a passport to a homeless man. You could feel the happiness come from me after he holstered his suppressed shotgun.

What does the child with no hands got for christmas? Unknown he hasn’t opened it yet.

What does a homeless man in new york got for christmas? Hypothermia.

What did the homeless person get for Christmas???

  • Nothing €

What do you call a homeless orphan


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