What did stevie wonder’s mom do to punish him as a child? She rearranged all the furniture

The furniture store keeps calling me back… But all I wanted was that one nightstand.

How did helen kellers parents punish her?

By rearranging the furniture

How do you confuse Helen Keller? You rearrange the furniture and glue doorknobs to the walls.

how did helen kellers mom punish her? rearranged the furniture

How do you punish Stevie wonder for bad behavior? You move all of the furniture around

Your mom walked into another bar and broke all the furniture. Again.

What’s a cow’s favorite piece of furniture? The cowch ( couch)

Riddles not jokes

What has 4 legs but cannot walk?

What has bark but no bite?

There’s a one-story house in which everything is orange. Orange walls, orange doors, orange furniture. What color are the stairs?

What has holes but can carry water?

What is in front of you, but cannot be seen?

What is something you have inside you that is pink, but cannot be seen?

What can you catch but not throw?

and last one

What can rule, but not command?

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like 90% of this was from this link: https://parade.com/947956/parade/riddles/

1 more thing: DoN"t google it or search it up, use ur brain to answer these.

Your mom walked into a bar and broke all the furniture.

3 men go to hell, Satan says if you can question me and I can’t answer you go to heaven. The first man asks if Satan knew how to make computers he goes to hell, the next man asks if he knew how to make furniture he goes too, the third man poke a ton of holes in a bottle cap and farts in the bottle asks Satan where the fart came from. Satan said every possible answer and the man pointed to his butthole and said " nope this one "😂