Family Jokes

in Paul Walker

What is stronger than family.

The tree Paul Walker hit


A new game the whole family can play…


in Orphan

The f in orphan is for family

I’m not a robot

The F in orphan stands for family… oh wait

in Orphan

what is an orphans family reunion called

me time

in Yo mama

Yo’Mama’s cooking is so bad, your family prays after they eat.

Dad of Depression
in Depression

Can Orphans go to a Family Restaurant?

in Orphan

Why do Orphans play Sims? because they can make themselves a family

Alabama Boy

So I hooked up with a girl at a party, but I forgot that it was a family reunion. (SWEET HOME ALABAMA STARTS PLAYING


how do you make a plumber sad?

Kill his family

in Orphan

F stand for family that’s why orphan is spelled with ph

the kid in the corner
in Orphan

the F in orphan stands for family

in Cow

Teacher: Describe a penguin

Student: Black, White, Beak

Teacher: Good, now describe an orphan

Student: Sad, maybe depressed, No family

Teacher: Amazing, now describe a cow

Student: Brown bun hair, red shirt, white skirt, pantyhose, and dollar tree shoes

Teacher: No! How does that describe a cow?

Student: It describes you tho.

in Orphan

How do orphans have a family reunion? They look in the mirror


My mother wanted to test my responsibility and wanted me to cook dinner for the family to help mean understand how it feels to constantly cook for a whole family. So me with my horrible humor decided to make a giant joke for when dinner time came around and so I just got four plates and set them in front of my family and I then said, “Here you are a fine African meal.” then everybody looked at me in disappointment and then I continued to say, “what poor taste?”


What is a pirate’s favorite letter?

A letter from his family; he hadn’t seen them in years.


Birthdays are weird. We celebrate being one year closer to dying. And we celebrate it with friends and family, which is totally not how we’ll die.

We’re all gonna die alone, not surrounded by friends and family.

Sapphire crystal
in Orphan

What do you call a orphan taking a selfie? a family photo


What do incest families do on Halloween? Pumpkin

in Orphan

An orphan goes to a doctor. Doctor: Sorry I can’t help you Orphan: But why? Doctor: I’m a family doctor