A penis has a sad life. His hair is a mess. His family is nuts. His neighbor is an asshole. His best friend is a pussy. And his owner beats him.

What show does an orphan hate?

Family Guy.

How do you make a builder cry?

Kill his family

The F in orphan stands for family… oh wait

So theres a orphan in a hospital and the doctor walks up and says “sorry kid but this is a family hospital”

What do you call an orphan taking a picture with it’s family?

A self-fie

A class is being taught when Bill Clinton walks in. He asks the class, " What is a tragedy?" One kid, named Jim, raises his hand and says, “if my family and I got ran over by a truck, that would be a tragedy.” Bill Clinton replies, “That would be an accident, not a tragedy.” A couple of seconds later, Audrey raises her hand and says, “If a school shooting would happen and 10 kids died, that would be a tragedy.” Bill Clinton replies once again with: “That would be a great loss, not a tragedy.” All of the kids are confused now when all of a sudden Matthew says “If you and Hillary Clinton were on an airplane and it got blown up, that would be a tragedy!” “Yes!” Says Bill Clinton “How do you know?” Matthew says happily, “It is definitely not an accident, and certainly not a great loss!”

Q: What do you call an orphans family tree?

A: a Stump

I wish I could kill my family but you realise your an orphan

These jokes are fun for the whole family to enjoy.

For orphans every bag of chips is family size

Why did the family get mad at the boy for eating at the funeral?

While trying to season his food, he mistook his cremated grandfather for salt.

why cant a orphan play family fued because it has to have a family

I saw a cute coworker and had sex in the back till i realized it is a family buisness

Why did the orphan cross the road? To find his family Sorry

Can’t wait for the orphans to have their family reunion! Wait…

What do incest families do on Halloween? Pumpkin

What do you it when a orphan takes a family photo? a selfie

What do you call an orphans family photo?

A selfie

They’ll never do reverse cowgirl because you never turn your back on family