My mom gave me a box of chocolates and she said life is like a box of chocolates but then it kind of tastes like dog shit.

How do you make a cat sound like a dog?

You set it on fire- then it goes WOOF!

I left my dog at home once and when I came home it was a mess, lets say I was in a RUFF situation

what do you call dog that’s faced backwards a god

What is the difference between a dog and a cat. I don’t know either. Why do you think I asked you. ;)

My dog died

Q: Why couldn’t the Queer wist eating his hot dog? A: Because it tasted like shit.

What is a dog 🐕 with only two legs 🦵? A human

What is a Mexican favorite type of dog.A Chihuahua

I adopted a dog. its gone now. At least homeless people in china are not starving.

What don’t blind people like bungee jumping?

Because it scares the fuck out of dogs!

what has 4 legs and 1 arm?- -a pitbull in a children’s play area

What did the bounty hunter call his favourite dog. His bobba pet

what do you call dog magician labbrahcadaberh

What do you call a dog wearing a beret? Smeargle!

A family had a very disobedient dog. it would bite the children’s hands when they pet the animal, the dog would piss on everything, and it would chew their shoes. This is why it was adopted.

What is a dog that you can drive? A big dog 🐶 car 🚘

What is a dog 🐕 that is Christmas? A Christmas tree dog 🐶

What did the officer tell the lioness after she said she was a dog. ooooooooooh girl, you lion!

What is the difference between a human and a tree and a house is for dinner today after school today after I have school 🏫 I have for kids dinner 🍴 was that I had dinner 🍴 night night dinner 🍴 night is what time it when we went and get the dog 🐶 night and dinner 🍴 night I love 💕 it is the one ☝️ I did not have time today