I can hear the whole world booing me

What’s a depressed kids favorite holiday… Christmas because everything is hanging

What do u call a depressed person


I Am glass! People see right through me.

Lets make a joke on how depressing monday is to ignore how depressing everyday is.

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My favorite joke my life

what do you call a cow that is really sad? Utterly Depressed HEHEHEHE

me:why did the chicken cross the road


me:because he wanted to

A depressed man was caught on top of the empire state building with marijuana, needless to say, he didn’t want to come down.

My Bff: Hey do want any coffee Me: yeh, of course My Bff: ok which one Me: You know…the black one Me: like my soul… My Bff: jeez you ok

To whomever stole my anti-depression pills, I hope your happy now

At every funeral it’s a try-not-to-say-big-mood-challenge for me

At school, bobby boy’s classmate tells him some depressing stuff. Later that day, bobby comes home crying and his mom greets him at the door with “why are you crying”. Bobby says “someone said my grandpa died, but when did he die”. His mom looks him straight in the eye and says “depends, which one are you referring to?”

My favorite joke is my life

There is nothing funnier than my life (Evan 2020)

Getting murdered by someone is probably the most intimate experience I’ll ever have.

knock knock

whos there

crippling Depression

crippling Depression wh–


what did the orphan say to the crippled man.

i suffer from crippling depression

I only remember my fathers last words before he died. He said, “Are you still holding the ladder?”