Hitler walks into a bar in hell, the bar tender asks “why are you here? Hitler calmly reply’s.” I killed 8 million Jews and 3 clowns.” The bar tender says “why 3 clowns?” Hitler laughs before answering “see knowone cares about the Jews! Why am I here!”

Most people say I’m a clown. Yet they don’t laugh at my jokes. Most people avoid me, because I’m a “clown”. Yet I’m not the center of the circus. But I know I’m gonna be a clown forever. Because I can’t take this damn mask off, no matter how hard I try.

Weeks later: Finally I found out why I’m being called a clown…because my smiling face is fake…

Yesterday, a clown held the door open for me. It was such a nice jester! :D

What do you do if you’re ever attacked by a gang of clowns???

Go for the juggler!!!

two cannibals are eating a clown, when one cannibal looks up and asks the other cannibal…Does he taste funny to you?

why dont cannibals eat clowns

because they taste funny

my departed uncle was a circus clown before he died

so all his friends came in one car

ya clown so stupid it took a spoon to the Superbowl

Question: Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? Answer: Because they taste funny

Did you hear about the flood at the circus? Lots of people drowned and there were two clowns that survived and two nuns still in the audience. The two clowns ran over to the two nuns, and each one put a nun on his shoulder. Then they waded out of the big top, up to their waists in the rapid, turbulent water. As they were reaching dry land, one clown said to the other, “if you ask me, this is virgin on the ridiculous!”

How do you get a clown of your swing?

You shoot it.

A clown held a door open for me, I thought it was a nice jester

How do you get a clown to stop smiling

You shoot him in the face

How do you make a juggler laugh? YOU TICKLE HIS BALLS

Two cannibals were eating a clown when one looked at the other and asked, does this taste funny to you

Why did the clown stop smiling? Someone chopped his lips off.

Why did the shark spit out the clown?

Because he tasted funny!

What is the similarity between an anti joke and a clown? Neither are funny.

why do cannibals not like to eat clowns…

cause they taste funny!!

Have you ever seen the clown in walmart that hides from gay people? No… Really? Hahaha Gra......