so, no head?

hi evyerone my mom got me an ipad today and this is really cool cna someone tell em what decapitation is

What do you call a pen with no head DeCAPitated

if you take a caap of a bottle is it decaptition

Q:What did the man say after removing another mans hat?A:He was decapitated

hi i… sorr y my cat t f my cat touched my computtter i dont know where how to deleete. the joe is the joke is that f if you if jj sorry its har d to type the joke is that if y if you

if you i taking a cap if you if if you take a cap off a bottle is it decaptai decapit j decapti decapitation soryr guys sorry guys its g h its a aha h h a ah ah a hard word to spell

omg guys i finaly did it i made a head slicey boy. i haveheadless.

Hi, everyone. Serious question. Would it be illegal to decapitate a worm? Asking for a friend, he’s so worried we’re going to jail. I’m not. I’m fine. Please reply fast.

if you…- take a ccap of a bottle isit decapitaition soryr guys i tre i te i tried harder this tie i ll try again sorry i cant delteeete things

if u cut off ur head u cant breathe u also cant breathe if u die so y isnt it debreathiation

what did no head man ? haha

man no head funny

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