Worm Jokes

What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

Finding only half a worm.

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Two silk worms got in a fight. It ended in a tie.

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What’s the easiest way to make a glow worm happy? Cut off its tail—it’ll be delighted!

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what is similar between sex, and fishing?

It doesn’t matter how deep you go, it matters how you wiggle the worm.

Will de lad

I once tried to have a family friendly conversation with a worm, but it kept its head in the dirt

apple worm

What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?

Finding half a worm in your apple


A can of worms popping up and down inside a lot of people and a girl ate the can of worms:It was her Imaginenation

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What did the bird do when he ate the expired worm?

He flew up

answer fast

Hi, everyone. Serious question. Would it be illegal to decapitate a worm? Asking for a friend, he’s so worried we’re going to jail. I’m not. I’m fine. Please reply fast.

retired grocer

I was out ice fishing, and had no nibbles all morning. About noon, this old guy comes out, drills a hole near mine, and starts catching fish as fast as he can bait the hook. I was getting frustrated without any luck, so I went over to ask him his secret. He said “Ymd ggt tm kppp tth yaems womg.” I said “Excuse,me, I didn’t get that?” so he mumbles even louder, “Ymd ggt tm kppp tth yaems womg!” I shook my head and said “I’m sorry, but I still didn’t understand what you said.” Frustrated, the man spits out a wad out of his mouth and says “YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE WORMS WARM!”


Time for a Terraria joke

What is a worm called when it is with a rich worm for his money?

A gold digger

(play the game or watch some vids to understand)

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The early bird might get the worm…

But the second mouse gets the cheese.

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A friend of mine told me this joke a long time ago and I never forgotten it… A worm was crawling over a train track, and a train ran over him and cut off his ass…the worm turned around to get the piece of his ass back & another train ran over him and cut off his head… BAD IDEA & a lesson to us all… NEVER LOSE YOUR HEAD OVER A PIECE OF ASS!! LMAO (literally, kind of)( pretty sure you get it)


What is Steven hawkins favorite dance move? The worm


When you see a group of pornstars sitting together looking up with their mouths open that’s when you know that Mama bird is back at the nest to feed the baby birds some worms.

Delcie Sylvester

One time there was a happy lil girl then one day her teacher asked how many legs and arms do a pineapple have she said girl: You know those pokey things on it thats how many Teacher says: Thats dumb they have zero. then the next day the girl set a fire in her house and then she burned her legs and arms then she survived went to school then the teacher said i heard your house went on fire and btw you know you don´t have no arms or legs right the girl said OK then the question the teacher asked yesterday asked the girl again she said what do u call a girl with no legs or arms? the teacher said ANSWER MY QUESTION the girl said OK OK the girl said 13 the teacher said PINEAPPLES DO NOT EVEN HAVE LEGS Then the teacher had to calm down then the teacher said to the girl ask a question whatever u want then the girl said ok and im sorry teacher teacher said its ok i need a break the girl said what do u call a girl without legs or arms someone from the class her name was nia she said a worm she said NO!!! the teacher said CALM DOWN JUST TELL US WHAT the girl said OK then the girl said it…And yall who is reading my story guess what the answer is before i tell u and btw the girls name is sunny back to story…she said the answer is A PINEAPPLE then when the teacher was calm she told her to sit down then the teacher read a story The Three Little pigs then the girl went home she got a new house then lived happily ever after

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Hi guys the prankster is backster!

I was gone for a long time because of this bullying about a nice sweet girl named gwen! So my 6th prank is on…

When I put some bad stuff in my sisters tooth past bottle!

Okay so I took some smelly mints from the jelly bean game! I had molded cheese jelly bean, molded milk, and worms jelly bean! Jelly bean tastying is this game where weird tasted jelly beans are in there so I got some mints and putted it there! Then next thing you new was! My sassy ass sister had her breath smelling like a chimpanzes buttock!


WOULD YOU RATHER Eat a girl out who has: Herpies, COVID and AIDS out while she is on her period? Or Eat live worms, bats and mice?

Tall Girl
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if you get a apple a day what does it give you? Worms and rotten fruit


what do u a call finding a half of worm? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh moan for me