What do you get when you cross jokes and cum?




So if she garggles your cum… Is that a jacuzzi day care?!

my best friend said can you put your dick in me i said can i cum in u?

Gay jokes are not funny, CUM on guys

The best part of you ran down your mothers leg…Einstine got ready to climax while doing math but relized you cant cumtiyain cumtilion its after sucktillion fucktillion

What do condoms and whores have in common? Answer: There is a lot that cums in every box


What is white and comes out after you have sex?


What is white and comes out after you have sex?


Lady: I am going to come to your house.

Man: ok. An hour later, the lady is at the mans house. The man meets her outside of the house.

Man: you are going to cum to my house!

And then he fucks her.

My dad just cums and goes.

Whats the Difference between acne and the Pope? Acne waits till your 13 to cum on your face

How much cum does a gay guy have

An ass loaded

2 people are under the covers. The man says “Quote the Beatles: Cum together!”

Whats the difference between acne and a priest?

Acne waits until your a teen to cum on your face.

Why couldn’t the dwarf husband make his wife pregnant?

Because of his short cummings.

Why did the guy take a bath cuz he cum and it was too mess