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A recent study has found that beer contains female hormones

A test group of 100 male volunteers each consumed six pints of beer, and the effect was they all talked endlessly about nothing and couldn’t drive for shit

What starts with e, ends with e, and only contains one letter? – An envelope.

Hey, you wanna hear something funny

AN atom makes up everything. Half of this site contains this joke. Dont trust the internet kids.

What do you get when you stuff some cows into a food container? A can 'o bull

how can you light up a candle in a ship which does not contain any instrument and you are alone with just a packet of candles? ans:just throw one candle in sea the boat will become lighter

why do mountains contain things? because their moun tains

What kind of containers does the Pope keep his vegetables in? Vat-I-Cans !!!