What do you get when you cross a cat and a dines or a cat u sores

JOKES 1 my life 2 pat as a cat

Hey! Some idiot drew a cat on this pillar! Wait… does that make it a caterpillar?

why did the cat cross the road

2 die

There were three cats. The first cat said meow. The second cat said meow. The third cat said meow meow. Then the first cat said don’t change the subject

Q. What does a cat have that no other animal has?

A. Kittens.

what do chinesse people order noodels in bed with some fried cat

Q: How did we learn cats don’t land on their feet?

A: We asked Mufasa from the Lion King


a dog meets a cat. the cat is black and the dog is white. They have sex on site no cap

if my cat was a cactus doesn’t that make him a catus?

My friend Nickiya wanted to know what animal she’d be. I said that she would be a “Ni-cat-a”

What the difference between cats and dogs? They dont have one both taste good

Who are cats going to vote for in November? Hillary Kitten.


What would you call a mom cat and a kitten walking together?


Yo mama so stupid, when I told her she needed some cats, she came back with…


Where do kittens go on a field trip?

The meowseum.

I still to this day remember my grandpa’s last words.


dad fucked mom mom fucked son son fucked sister sister fucked dog dog fucked cat cat fucked bird bird fucked fish fish fucked dad dad really liked it