Brother Jokes

in Bone

Tibia honestly I think the reason I’m bonely is because you guys don’t find my jokes humerus … maybe if I played the trombone it would get people’s attention but tibia honest I can’t be bothered so one just look at my BONE-zai tree, although my brother doesn’t really like that one so how about a S-pine tree

in Earthquake

There was once a small earthquake, but when I got outside, I realized my brother was still stuck inside. When I told my mom, she just said, “It doesn’t matter, your my favorite anyway!”

I like yummy

My brother likes his vegemite so black it stole our car


A fireman a policeman and a carpenter went on a fishing trip, the fireman and the policeman both have the same father but different mothers and they are half brothers. But the fireman and the carpenter have the same mother and father but they are not brothers, how is this possible?

Leave you answer in the comments the answer will be reviled in 24 hours.


There is a difference between my brother and Steven hawking, at least one of them do something


My Mother: Wanna hear the song Chloe your the one I want on pandora? Meh: No I am tired of that song and I am annoyed by it. Mom: don’t talk back to meh like that young lady. Me/ someone else? - -gets silent in da room- Brother: yea this song is very annoying but maybe better than the Chelsea song. Joke is here now what do you do if you hear the name Chloe?

in Orphan

hi freshfry hii alex i did not see your messages yesterday because I was at my brothers soccer game and then people came to are house till 11:00 lol srry :)

in Depression

Dad: Alive Brother:orphan(fault=Mother) Me:dead on the inside but sadly alive Mother:Alive… Wait a minute… I thought you were dead mom… right your dead to me atleast.


what do u call my brother is the water sunami


Ok everyone on this wepsite… I HAVE NO BROTHERS OR SISTERS the person who claims hes my “brother” is firesharky he is trying to get fame. Never listen to him. He will lie and trick u to think i have a brother but i dont.


hey firesharky… how did u know if i was ur brother when im not u didn’t even say my name and plus im lying about my name.


Pooo heads


3 year old boy: 1… 2…uh…? humm… Older brother: Ooh I know! 1,2,3 get the fuck off my apple tree!


The news of the brother getting sucked off regularly by his sister spread really fast … All over her face 🤤


Who do you call someone that steals his brothers girlfriend and disowned by his whole family? Brandon


me my brother and my dad

in Mitosis

What did the step brother and step sister do together? OOOF MITOSIS


*You heard a conversation between sans and Papyrus

sans: "sub bro" Paps: "DON’T ‘SUB’ ME BROTHER! YOU STILL DIDN’T REDINTEGRATE YOUR PUZZELS!" sans: "easy bro, i have done a ton of work today" sans: “a skele-ton” (Drum effect) Paps: “OH MY GOD SANS!”

in Nut

Brother: your nuts!

Sister: What do you mean? your the one that has the nuts!

in Sleepover

We are having a sleepover and we are being as quiet as possible Addison:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, THOSE ARE GREAT JOKES!!! Layne:IKR Mom:SHUT UP, YOUR BROTHER IS TRYIMG TO SLEEP Addison:ok fine Layne:look at this joke Addison:HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Addison and Layne continue laughing really loudly