What is the definition of a woman? A life support system for a vagina

A young woman goes for for her first gynecological exam and the nurse has her take off her clothes, put on a gown and get in the stirrups. She tells her the doctor will be in in a minute. The doctor comes in and tells the young lady that she has one of the most beautiful Vaginas he’s ever seen and he has seen Lot of them. She thanks him for the compliment. He tells her he is about to start the examination, but he is going to have to numb her first, when she says ok, he goes num num num num num!!!

Poop back wards is poop 💩

A girl noticed hair growing between her legs and asked her mom about it. Her mom said it was her monkey and it grows hair.so she told her sister and her sister said that aint nothing mines already eating bananas

Linda and Peter are having sex. Peter goes in and out hard then fast and the begins to taste her tits. Finally, he moves down the the vagina and eats her hard. His rouge is inside her body, loling around. He fucks her hard again and his dick slicks up her vagina. The entire time she is moaning and begging for more. When Linda cums on his penis she begins to lick his balls hard. Peter begins moaning too saying,” Linda your just as amazing at fucking at your sister.”

Whats the useless skin around the vagina. A WOMEN. (SANS undertale)

i needed a test on if i’m pregnat then the doc said take your pants down then he put his penis in my vagina and said now you are pregnat

Free will is like having a vagina you don’t need to know how to use it and you don’t need to know what it does but what matters is that you have it.

a ball hit me in the vagina

What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hoe a hoe can wash her crack and sell it again

Gun + Backpack = Fun

I will tell you a story. There was a fruit named Pear who was named Dyck. He one day met his friend Carrot, who was later killed after being stuck into some girls vagina. Pear then became very sadistic and no one loved him and he became mentally fruit-pressed. One day he met a Banana named Harvey Weinstein and they got married and had children who were all named minion. Eventually the rest of his family died and pear was left slowly rotting away. His last words were “I have finally ‘peared’ the consequences of all my actions.”

What do u call a orphan taking a family photo? A Selfie

Asian pregnancy test: Stick a Rubik cube into vagina. Wait 30 seconds, if it’s solved then there’s a little Asian in there.

What do you call a vagina with multiple clits? A tongue workout!!!

What do you call a lesbian? Me

Why did God make men? Because you can’t teach a vibrator how to mow the lawn… =^…^=

Whats that useless skin around the vagina and the boobies?

The women

Why did the sperm cross the road? To get to the vagina!