Toe Jokes

in Cannibal

What do cannibals eat to freshen their breath?

Men toes.

in Blonde

Why did the blonde tip-toe past the medicine cabinet? The cabinet had sleeping pills.

My Toenail

Broke my toenail yesterday, I'm now presenting you puns/jokes:

1. "Yeah I broke my toenail, wanna see phoTOES?" 2. "I'm tired of bandaging my toe! Oh. My. GAUZE."

in Self Harm

brb makin tic tac toe boards on myself


A man lost his toe when he dropped a knife on it: Doctor: I have good news and bad news Guy" Whats the bad news Doc: They replaced your toe with a piece of candy Guy: Good news? Doc: You now have tic tac toe

in Puns

What did one cell say to his sister when she stepped on his toe? Mitosis!

Epic Cow Joke
in Cow

What do you call a cow with no toes

Lac-toes intolerant


What do you call an italian with a rubber toe? roberto.

in Yo mama

yo mama feet is so fat she had to wear a sock on each toe

in Forehead

Yo hairline be lookin like elmos toe fungus

Haha funny
in Orphan

Wye did the orphan sleep outside... because he gets to wake up toe mother nature

bob the builder

"Better lock 'em doors and turn the lights down low......... better turn em on just stubbed my fucking toe"

in Time

What do Time Clocks like to play? Tick Tock Toe.


I wish I was a toe bc I want to be banged all day


My nan broke her toe by a brick today, last time she broke her toe because she kicked her car tire . Does that now mean I have to toe her back to the doctors.

Have you heard of the Tic-Tac-Toe Beetle? It has an X-O-skeleton.

What do cannibals eat to freshen their breath?

Men toes.

in Sister

I saw my sister sucking a big toe

Pileggi Glass
in Jesus

What do you call someone with a rubber toe?..... Roberto