A : Whats the similarity between your girlfriend and the Sun?

B : They’re both hot?

A : They’re both massive.

Why did the teacher were sunglasses? Because her students were so bright

The sun isn’t the only thing rose up this morning…

How to learn your Vitamins. A = Art. B = Bouncy Balls. C = Cookies. D = Da Sun. You’ll be smarter than a doctor next time you visit!

Why is the sun famous? Because it’s a shining star

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What are the four seasons?

Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Flour.

A red head, a dark haired, and blonde walk into a bar and agree to fly to the sun! The blonde states " I agree let’s leave at night "!

Look at the bright side ☀️😁! The worst 😔 is behind us.

whats the suns favourite chocolate? marsbar

What is the difference between the snow ❄️ and sun 🌞? Snow is slippery and the other kid 🧒 of weather is not slippery

🌍:You’re so hot!
🌎:How are you single? ☀️:I burn anyone who gets too close!

Why was the sun ☀️ mad at the clouds ☁️?

Because the clouds kept throwing shades.

What is yellow ? The sun ☀️

Why doesn’t the sun ☀️ go to college?

Because it has a million degrees.

I wonder if the sun is going to rise every morning. Then it dawns on me.

what did the egg who was sun bathing say to the other egg? Don’t look at my crack!

what did the sun say to the earth am i hot

y does everybody like the sun-cause its hot


When you look at the sun, its like looking at me