if you are a robot you can not talk

Stephen Hawking is a real stand up guy, outSTANDing performance.

A man awakes in a hospital and is confused. He decides to feel his legs, but to no avail.

“Doctor, doctor!” He cries out.

“What is it?” The doctor asks.

“I can’t feel my legs!”

The doctor stands there for a moment - completely dumbfounded.

“. . . That’s because I amputated your arms.”

What does PEMDAS stand for? Penis enters my dad and sister

A little boy went to church… the priest said get in the following positions… stand then kneel then bow… the little boy replies… can u hurry up and fuck me already

p=person (not original ‘‘pun’’)

p1:hey girl p2: i got a bf! p1: well i got a lamborghini aventador, a bugatti super sports, a yacht and a private plane. p2: bf stand for breakfast. p2: oh and also where did you get all that stuff? p1:gta5 p2: you motherfucker!!! (communications with this person are now blocked)

A mom and her two children were eating at a place well playing trivia when she ask what does aids stand for? Her son Dallyn has no idea but her daughter Emberlee who has always been a little odd says ‘’ An Intentional Disease’’ her brother mom just Stared!

Why is stephan Hawkins a bad husband? Because he doesn’t stand up for his wife.

Nasa = Not Africa North America.that what nasa stands for

The duck walked up to the lemonade stand. And he said to the man Running the stand Hey Bomp bomp bomp Got any grapes?

There are 4 people in a line three stand up and say we are standing up for cancer and then thers the one in the weelchair

I entered kians house, at the top of the stair i was greeted my greatest fantasy, JOHN, he said in a manly tone, “hello there” i walked slowly up the stairs and greeted him back, as i walk past his room i felt uneasy , i walk into kians room to find no one, i turn around and gasp, john is standing there, a bulge had appeared and poked me as he got nearer, he pushed me onto kians bed, the bed was that bad it broke as i fell onto it, john says “a broken is nothing to worry about” i look up at him in disbelief, hes more masculine than i thought, he thrust himself onto me, his crotch area sticky to the touch, he then ripped a fart as he bent over, at this point i knew it was to late john, the fart he ripped(sticky to the touch) had me so in shock i wasnt ready for what was next, he picked and jamp on my head ripping the most monstrous, enormous, deadyl, sticky to the touch fart id ever seen, it knocked me out, i awoke to find i was in the WALLS, i looked out to find i was in the glory hole, my worst nightmare had become reality, i fully understood my purpose in life was to the holy glory hole, i heard “GRANDAD CAN I GET SOME V-BUCK” i then knew i was in for some kian treats The end

I should be ashamed of myself for making all these jokes at the expense of the disabled! after all, they can’t even stand up for themselves

Yahahlmsyw That stand for You are has a whole let me show you why

The married are on holiday on Italia. They look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. He says:

  • Look, honey, this tower is crookedly standing She:
  • Shut up

(Standing means: penis erextion)

So I went to a mall and I was finna buy sumn…and I saw a little boy and he said “hello”,so then I past by him and he said “hi” and I was like “hi nigga” and he said "um just wondering sumn…“i mean I like jokes but what is dark humor?” And i was like “umm🤔… its like 🤔🤔…like you see that guy with out legs? Tell him to stand up”…and he said “I’m blind nigga” and I said “exactly homie”…aight nigga peace and look out😏😉

I can’t stand disabled Jokes…

Neither can they😂

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, making fun of the disabled. After all they can’t stand up for themselves

Why do disabled always get picked on?

Because they can’t stand up for themselves

Why did the disabled kid keep getting bullied He couldn’t stand up for him self

Why do u make fun of disabled people they

cant stand up for themselves.

I played piano at a Worthmore disabled elderly center. Then after I was done I said “How bout you give me a standing ovation.” I regret it to this day. Now I am forced to live here at Worthmore, and sit on my wheelchair. Sad and lonely