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What did a comedian say at a show full of people with down syndrome? What’s up.

To the guy asking what joy I find in suicide jokes, the answer is simple. I make suicide jokes to cope with my crippling depression. Must be working, cause I’m still here

Why does everyone at school make fun of the cripples kid. Because he can’t stand up for himself.

Why are Helen Keller’s hands crippled? From reading stop signs going 50 miles an hour.

why are crippled people always getting picked on?

They can't stand up for themselves.

My neck, my back, my crippling anxiety attacks

Why should you not make fun of a crippled person?

Because he can’t stand the jokes.

A crippled guy rolls into a bar only to find his worst enemy…stairs.

Why do people make fun of crippled people? Because they can’t stand up for themselves

Just imagine, if Paul Walker survived the crash would they have to change his name from Paul Walker to Paul Crippled?

What is a Cripple’ favorite hat. A handicap

What did the doctor not tell the crippled man to do after he broke his arm? :walk it off

Some cripples when they die they can’t go to heaven

Why? Because of the stairs

Dylan cripple

Why did the cop shoot the crippled man? He didnt have his hands where the cop could see them.

What do you call a kid having a seizure on a dance floor? An improvement

Why do cripples get picked on cuz they can’t stand up for them selves

What do you get when a crippled person is grumpy? Boy is it a crippy day, isn’t it?

Whats the difference between a cripple and a dog, dogs can go on walks