Somebody’s son said mom my dick has white stuff coming out of it, she said oh good one son so when’s the baby coming

Today is the day of 9/11 and we were in class making jokes and somebody said that’s sad and I was like why and they said “ today is the day the towers went down” and I said just like I did on you mum last night

a girl looked in the fridge she got mad that somebody at the last ice cream cone she ran into her sisters room and said this is why your fat the fell down the stairs good thing she had that belly roll to save her.

Stephan Hawking went bankrupt after he found out somebody in his house was costing him way too much money on electricity bills He just couldn’t figure out who

Somebody stole my joke

So i stole their spinal cord.

Dad: Why did Jimmy fall off his bicycle? Son: Why? Dad: Because somebody threw a washing machine at him.

Why did the orphan become a prostitute? They wanted somebody to call daddy

Somebody told me to go to hell so I walked up to Donald Trump.

Somebody asked Rosa Parks what color the skittles were but she answer everything was black and white

Hi hunter. Emilly wrote this

Why do orphans love having sex?

Becuase They can finally call somebody daddy.

Its all shits and giggles till somebody giggles and shits.

Somebody told another person that they would meet at the crack of Dawn. Lets just say Dawn got very mad.

The date is April 1st Somebody asks you what’s you are doing “I guess you could say I’m… fooling around ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)“

I would create an orphan website… But you need a home page to do that. (since somebody stole this joke before)🤷‍♀️

What’s a good way to masturbate???

Get somebody to do it for u

A man walks into his house, only to find out somebody stole all of his lamps. He was absolutely delighted.

Daddy bear said, “Somebody’s been sleeping in my bed”. Mummy bear said, “It was probably your whore Linda”.

How did stephen hawking die? Somebody threw an EMP at him

I was at my boyfriends house and I thought he was cheating on me and he was on the phone with somebody he said he’d be over there soon. so i asked him if I could see his phone he said no and then we fought about until I seen his gun and because I thought he was lying to me I shot him,went through his phone and his friend was still on the phone.

If you wanna hit somebody, hit an orfan, what are they gonna do… tel their parents