what do you call 1 normal kid,and 2 retarded kids,smoking weed? pot roast.

Johnny Johnny? Yes pa pa Eating Sugar? Yes pa pa, I am eating sugar because it is the only thing i can reach and you have refused to feed me for the past 3 days. You smoke 2 packs of cigs a day and you’re mad at me for eating a little sugar. Smoking? Telling lies? Yes pa pa, you do all of those things because you’re a chronic addict.

what did the big chimney say to the little chimney “ your to young to smoke”

Why did the guy get the hose

Because the girl was smoking hot

My ex-wife was smoking pot with Snow White, when the 7 dwarf’s saw them they sang… “Look at those high Ho’s! Hiiiiiiii Hoooooo’sssss!!!”

What time is it when you can smell smoke 💨 inside? Time to get outside

A blind man once told me, he smokes a lot because he has nothing to look forward. Well, let just say that I see his point.

what do you call a best friend that smokes weed?

A pothead. Just because he’s your friend, you don’t have to support his poor decisions. Jeez, what has America come to?

A little chimney said: “Ooooh, I think my house owner is making a fire in me! I’m about to smoke!!”

The big chimney said next to him: “Well, your to young to smoke…”

My doctor is a very attractive woman; gorgeous face, nice boobs, smoking hot body. She said to me, “You are in your 50’s now, you have GOT to stop masturbating.” I asked why. She replied, “Because I’m trying to examine you, ya’ pervert!!!”

I told my doctor I was experiencing some back pain. He told me to smoke some weed because I had chronic back pain.

Ni tshike mbangi bcz ani zaha toilet 🚽 nikarhi Ni hlometela out side loko tiniba Ni hlometela ndzeni ka poto

My brackets are so high on my teeth they must be smoking something.

what do you call a person who smokes? Smokey the bear

Do the French people smoke weed or oui’d?

Little Johnny walks in on his grandfather smoking a cigar. “May I smoke a cigar?” Asks Johnny.

The grandpa replies “Well, does your dick touch your asshole?”

Johnny replied “No.” and left the room.

The next day Johnny sees his Grandpa getting into a car.

“Can I drive the car?” Asks Johnny.

“Does your dick touch your asshole?”


The day after that, Granpa sees Johnny about to eat a cookie.

“Johnny, may I have some of your cookie?” Asked the grandpa.

“Does your dick touch your asshole, grandpa?”


“Then go fuck yourself, this is my cookie.”

JACK smoked some shit in the casino bathroom, Then fucked a slut, Played some slots, Took some shots, then shot a JOKER

It’s a sad story, because JACK killed himself But he died with a smile

Chimmy: (smoking because of fire place) Chimmy2: your to young to smoke

What do you call someone with Down Syndrome who smokes weed?

A baked potato.

Have you ever wondered how would your teachers look if they were 20 years younger than they actually are? I bet some of them would be smoking hot. Especially my 25 years old english teacher. Id bang her if she were 20 years younger.