Sadness Jokes


When i was a child i was made to walk the plank.... We couldnt afford a dog


Look I didn't hit rock bottom I gracefully floated down there like Mary Poppins with an umbrella.


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There was a wedding so sad that even the cake was in tiers.



Old man goes to the doctor. The doctor says "The test results are back, and I'm sad to say you have cancer and Alzheimer's.". The old man says "Phew! At least it's not cancer!"




What do you do when you see a sad orphan?

Nothing let them wait for their parents.



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When your sad don’t feel down about yourself break someone’s leg and laugh.




why dont asian kids believe in santa clause?

because theyre the ones who made the toys



My mother was so sad after my grandpas death she went into the bathroom with my uncle and I could hear their moans of sorrow. She then surprised me later on saying that she was pregnant.



i tried to tell a orphan a knock knock joke but sadly there was no door to nock on


whats the differences between an apple and a orphan? A apple gets picked

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One day, there are Friends having fun, hours later one of the friends Alice, wanted to leave and say *cya guys am just gonna hangin in the tree and have some fresh air* and they all agree hours go by and the group of friends are ready to go home but then seen a tree in the distance that looks like someone is hanging on the tree with a tight rope.



today my idiot brother screamed"ahhhhh im dead!' but it wasn't really, so i d3cded to make it a reality until my sister came.............................

AND HELPED ME! - for once but then two minutes later my mom showed up, we k!lled him right infront of her and she screamed! "DONUTS AND PIZZA FOR YPU AND MORE IF YOU GO TO MRS ROBERTS HOUSE AND SAY HI AND BYE TO DADDY!!!!! and she hands us both a sharp tool and i say what about tommy??!!! arn't u MAD!!!!!!! then she replied who's THAT!!??? COZ HE AINT MINE HIS NAME IS TOMMY, TOMMY ROBERTS. so then me and my sister visit mrs ROBERTS AND SHE SAID OH THIS ISN'T ANYTHING IMPORTANT GO HOME! so then my sister nd i say hi! and do a countdount aftr that my nike white jumper had turned red! IT WAS A MUCH BETTER COLOUR , MUM SEEMED TO APROVE AS WELL!😊😊😊 but then the police question us where daddy was so then mom said....................... oh he's moved on! so then the police officer was like ahem ma'm where! SO THEN I BELLOWED.......................... UP - UR -A##. And we got let off the hook, then we moved oh and we k!lled the cop 2 and oh did i meantion we HAD a maid, and a landlord and a cat but they were all 2 annoying so we got rid of them and now our new backyard is very smellyyy and i dont think there is enoff space to put muummy anymore so now i dont think sissy will fit either🧐 i will ask my neibour nessy she'll obviously say YES or ill........................................

ok like for part two☺☺☺


Its sad how families can be torn apart from something as simple as- wild dogs



I was going to tell a dead baby joke... *I decided to abort*



Why were the people in the twin towers sad? They ordered pepperoni pizza but all they got was plane.



dont be sad because thats das backwards and das not good



what is the difference between an orphan and a criminal

criminals are wanted


You look at it you tug on it like a shoe string play with it like elastic bubble plastic but it still never grows