What did the neutrino say to the planet? – “Just passing through.”

Uranus is a gassy planet

What’s the worst living thing on planet earth? Humans

What do you call a planet that poops-- Uranus

What day does Venus like?


an assassin threatens a planet the planet remains calm the assassin:"do you not realize the gravity of this situation?

We r gonna crush u in the try not to laugh

YOUR so fat that you have to live on pluto so you don’t destroy none of the planets

How do you plane a party in space? you have to planet

How do you measure the circumference of Uranus? By the rings around it

You never told me you were part orangutan, have you considered taking a vacation to Planet of the Apes?

What do you get when you combine A planet and an apple?

Ma rio

im going to your moms house can you help me planet

What Is gods favourite planet staring because it has a ring around it

your know the only way to win is you have to actually planet

Do people live on the earth 🌏? Yes a lot of people live on the earth 🌎

Gay person to girl:what’s your favourite planet Girl:penus-(penis)(venus),and what is yours? Gay person: what else, its Your Anus(uranus)😅

Why does the Sun go to school?

How do you throw a space party?

You planet 🤣🤣🤣

How Jupiter was discovered.once there was a fat lady who farted yellow,orange,and peache.all that fart went to space and created a planet that nasa sall and went over their there but it smelled really bad

How do you plan a party in outer space You planet

friend. your mums fat

Me well your mums so fat she played pool with the planets

How do you organize a space party?

  • You planet