Offensive Jokes


What’s a Mexicans favorite game……



How do you fit 3 gay guys on a barstool? Flip it upside down.


what is the difference between a stoner and a mexican Stoners have papers


what do u call a bruised banana a school bus full of his kids


Why the actual f… is there drama on this website anyone can fake to be someone there not and no one will know the goddam difference I’m just trying to look at/make jokes and I’m getting shit from people saying “it’s too offensive” or something like goddam just take that shit somewhere else


There was a deaf man. He was deaf. Ha, sucks for him.(sans undertale)


What do you call Jamieilyah When she is sleeping? Sleeping beauty


Jack and Jill wheat up the him had some fun she forgot her pill and now we have jonny


Hi guys I’m back and YES two jokes/blogs in one day. I KNOW. I just have nothing to do!!! So today I’m going to tell you how to get what you want from your parents!!! And there will be a joke at the end too. Enjoy! So The prank that I have for you guys today is, make sure you have glue, die, and a toothbrush that is not your’s >:) So you are going to put the die in the glue and then put the glue on the toothbrush and give it to your sibling and say “here. I got your toothbrush ready for you” Then, make sure they take it. Once they take it, run so that they can not hit you once they taste it. Thanks for reading this prank today guys!!! I hope it works out for you and I can’t wait to hear what happens with you guys in the comments below so make sure to comment and tell me what happened when you pulled this prank!! Sorry Prankster if this is offensive to you since you do pranks too. I will not do them anymore if you don’t want me to :) Thanks for reading guys and here is that joke I told you about :)

 Yo mama is so fat when she got in the car the wheels popped. 
      So I know this was not the best joke and I can do better, but I will keep trying and see you guys next time! Bye!!! :)

What do you call ur Indian best friend who is the ABSOLUTE BEST at cunilingus? A Curry Muncher


Bestie hannah heard that bestie Iz had a migraine! What did she do? She said, My grains don’t hurt that much, at least not when the animals eat them!!


what’s the hardest thing to eat on a vegetable? the wheelchair




your mum lolololollollollololollolololllol find her reboot card lmfao lolololol


Jake grabbed lina’s thigh and said “WHy don’t we have sex? I rly wanna see your boobs I bet they’re hot.” “Yeah they are.” She took her chlothes of and he saw her body. “OMG GODDESS OF BOOBS, PUSSYS AND BUTT LETS HAVE SEX LOOK AT MY…” HE WOKE UP THEN CRYED AND KISSED HIS SISTERS BUTT SHE SMACKED HIM THEN HE TOOK HER TO HIS BASEMENT AND KILLED HER FROM SEX


what do you call a tree

a treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


rosis are red viluts are blue im stuck on the eston fron and so are fwuking you


What do u call Kyson when he is banned on PS4? A depressed Indian boy

Scarlet Witch

What do u call a gay person who is gay but just can’t admit it a Filipino.


These jokes are offensive stop

in Quack

I just wanted to say… These disabled jokes are quite offensive. I’m not disabled in any way, but people reading might be affected in many ways. Yes, some of them are amusing, but there’s a difference between having a joke and being plain rude. Please take my feedback into account. Thanks!