Nastiness Jokes


Why are women like hurricanes?

They come in nasty and wet then leave with your house and car.


Babies can spread a nasty smell,

especially when you haven’t fed them for a month.

in Nun

A man gets on a bus, and ends up sitting next to a very attractive nun. Enamored with her, he asks if he can have sex with her. Naturally, she says no, and gets off the bus. The man goes to the bus driver and asks him if he knows of a way for him to have sex with the nun.

“Well,” says the bus driver, “every night at 8 o’clock, she goes to the cemetery to pray. If you dress up as God, I’m sure you could convince her to have sex with you.”

The man decides to try it, and dresses up in his best God costume. At eight, he sees the nun and appears before her.

“Oh, God!” she exclaims. “Take me with you!” The man tells the nun that she must first have sex with him to prove her loyalty. The nun says yes, but tells him she prefers anal sex. Before you know it, they’re getting down to it, having nasty, grunty, loud sex. After it’s over, the man pulls off his God disguise.

“Ha, ha! I’m the man from the bus!”

“Ha, ha!” says the nun, removing her costume. “I’m the bus driver!”

Ammar Yayeh
in Roast

I’d give you a nasty look but you’ve already got one.


So there I was, having a fantastic time going down on my nan When suddenly I got a nasty taste in my mouth.

“Wait a minute” I said. This distinctly tastes like horse semen

Then it clicked. “Ah, so that’s how you died”

in Fish

Did you hear about the nasty tuna fish? He was rotten to the albacore.

Worst jokes ever? more like a killed an old man in 2012 in Oklahoma City at that nasty red lobster not the one near thr freeway and hid the body in a creek

Allan C.
in Radio

In other news, we are hearing of a nasty helicopter crash on the M4. Let’s cross live to our eye-in-the-sky, Mark. Mark?


What does FNAF mean? Five Nasty Ass Fools.

Anus McDickNuggets
in Baby

off topic but why is the picture in the baby category feet? and nasty feet at that? what am i, dan schneider?

N....s be black

We dont got sluts in the south, we got NATS: Nasty Ass Traveling Sluts

in Robin

REALLY CRAPPY JOKE ALERT!!! oh quin how was eating that tight butt must be nasty i heard u met from rear ending him

Prankster comes again.
in Funny

Hey amazing people! The Prankster is back! This prank was on my sister and her friends. (tbh I did not think she had friends.)

  1. I set out some snacks for them! Btw (I can’t be trusted).

  2. I gatherd some slapies.

  3. The things I gatherd where Tomatos, onions, milk, carrots, ice cream, and some dried out green beans! all that stuff! To the 4.

  4. I need the tomatos to make a sauce because I am going to put that with the ice cream, mix that up with the milk, yea yea it might look like a gross and nasty dish…WRONG!!! I am going to make it into a little snack…anyway we make that into a snack for her and her friends. The onions are used to make their eye’s cry and burn but I will give them a towl after that. The dried out green beens are just to make them go over the top and overreact because I did not cook them. After that we make it like its not so iky!

  5. I feed it to them! They overreacted! Please leave a comment. Byee!

elliot fowler

come on guys this is nasty he was my uncle ffs :(


i can see your cameltoe you nasty thot

Jariah cokend
in Gwen

Here is the meaning of the name Gwen! Good Wise enough nice Mean meaning of the name Gwen! Grumpy Words Enough Nasty

in Yo mama

Yo mama is so nasty she buys sex toys at the second hand shop.

in Group

One day, inexplicably, my talking parrot started insulting me. He called me an idiot, a fool, a jerk, stupid, and a variety of other nasty names. I warned the squawker to cease, but to no avian avail. Fed up, I finally flipped the foul-mouthed feather-brain into the freezer…but after about 15 seconds, I relented and let him out. “I’m so sorry,” he declared! “I don’t know what came over me, and realize I shouldn’t have said those terrible things. I hope you can forgive me, and I promise never to do it again! By the way…what did the chicken do?” 🐔😂


What does FNAF stand for? Five Nasty Ass Fools.


your momma so nasty she sucked your daddy dick and kissed you good night

in Ball

Can i make you a basketball cake for dessert? Yeah you sure can but do be having all your balls in it it will taste nasty.

in Nun

What do you call a nasty ass boy


in Tomato

What do bitches say FUCK ALL YA NASTY BITCHES


Depression jokes are wrong,stop making them there cruel and nasty So stop people are feeling like there hated when they read your orphan jokes or depression jokes so PLEASE stop